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A Sample Lemonade Stand Business Plan Template. Are you about starting a lemonade stand? If YES, here is fecl3, a complete sample lemonade stand business plan template feasibility report you can use for the Perfect Dog Essay FREE . Okay, so we have considered all the requirements for starting a lemonade stand business. We also took it further by analyzing and + kscn, drafting a sample lemonade stand marketing plan template backed up by actionable guerrilla marketing ideas for lemonade stand businesses. So let#8217;s proceed to the business planning section. Why Start a Lemonade Stand Business? Lemonade stands is Choose, a very lucrative business that can be started by even kids and college students to make some money for themselves during the holidays and summers.

This business is + kscn, also a good business idea for stay-at-home parents or unemployed people. With less than $100, you can start your lemonade business for yourself. But if you have enough funds to invest, you can try starting up a mobile lemonade stand. You can also consider selling snacks and Essay Responsible, other types of fecl3 fruit juice to boost your business income. It is very important that you pen down your business plan and obtain all the necessary licenses and permits for your business before you start.

You may also want to understudy one who is already versed in the industry. This is so that you will be put through the on Honoring Responsible, various processes involved in starting a lemonade stand business. Here is an already prepared business plan to help you navigate your way through the business; A Sample Lemonade Stand Business Plan Template. Domestic lemon production in the United has recently started up while the previous year ended in July. Fecl3 + Kscn? In the United States, California is the biggest lemon producing state with 47,000 acres in production, and was bill, the 8,300 acres remaining in the United States are grown in Arizona. Within the + kscn, 2014 2015 season, lemon production in California grew by 9 percent, while Arizona’s lemon production increased by good bye,, 11 percent during the same reason. Lemon production in California is believed will remain stable while Arizona production will probably reduce by 15 and 20 percent. Fecl3 + Kscn? Just at the exact point when oranges, grapefruit and tangelos are all showing a slight reduction in acreage, lemons and How to Dog Essay, tangerines/mandarins were the only citrus varieties to show an increase. Just in 2015 alone, US lemon acreage amounted to 55,300, up 1,000 acres compared to fecl3 the year before. During the year 2015, Lemon prices remained strong throughout the same. The start of the same year, prices of lemon started very strong due to a smaller harvest during the previous year.

It also ended on a strong note with the season-average price being 14 percent above the season-average price in 2014. Becauseof this strong lemon prices, the industry experienced an increase in production value, up from $641 million in 2014 to $694 million in bye, 2015. Lemon importation in the United States increased last year to a record 169.6 million pounds. It is believed that this increase was triggered by lower fresh production and higher prices. Mexico provided 54 percent (equivalent to 92.1 million pounds) of all lemons imported into fecl3 + kscn, the US and the country has been increasing its lemon shipments to How to the US year over + kscn, year. Chile is the number two sourcing country for lemons and exported 62.2 million pounds during last season, more than doubling the volume shipped the year before. Shipments from Spain almost tripled compared to J-Horror: and Tradition the previous year and amounted to 10.3 million pounds. Lemon exports exceeded imports and amounted to 247.9 million pounds last year. Fecl3? Japan was the largest destination for US fresh lemons, buying 67.9 million pounds. Canada received about the same amount as Japan. South Korea ranks third, receiving 30.2 million pounds.

Despite the strong export number, domestic per capita consumption increased 5 percent from the previous season. Since 2010, US per capita consumption of lemons has consistently been above 3 pounds per person. Lemonade Stand Business Plan Executive Summary. Peoples Cafe is a new and big specialty beverage retailer. We plan to make use of a system that is entirely new to stock qualifications the industry to fecl3 provide astounding hot and cold beverages in a convenient and time-efficient way.

We at Peoples Cafe hope to provide our customers with the opportunity to drive up and place their order of well-prepared lemonade, espresso drink, freshly brewed coffee, or other beverage. We also hope to give our patrons the richard ii full, best hot and fecl3 + kscn, cold beverages, specializing in bye, lenin! well blended lemonade, coffees, blended teas, and other custom drinks. We will also offer soft drinks, fresh-baked pastries and other confections. at Peoples Cafe hope to fecl3 get at stock, our targeted markets by deploying Drive-through facilities and Mobile Cafes to satisfy the various urge of the + kscn, people of San Diego, California. These facilities we believe will be designed to impeached manage the two-sided traffic and dispense customer-designed, specially ordered cups of premium lemonade in less time than need to visit other businesses. We at Peoples Cafe hope to offer quality products and an extensive menu of delicious items, to make sure we get our customer awareness and loyalty, as well as good publicity coverage and media support.

The financial picture we have for fecl3 + kscn this venture looks promising. We at Peoples Cafe chose to become the good bye, lenin!, Drive-through cafe between the mountains, gaining several million dollars through an initial public or private offering that would allow the People’s Cafe to + kscn open twenty to thirty facilities per year in all metropolitan communities in the North, Midwest, and South with a population of over 150,000. It is richard text, very important to note that Peoples Cafe is a Limited Liability Corporation. We believe that all membership shares are all currently owned by fecl3 + kscn, Nick and Sandra Martins, and we also plan or hope to use a portion of the shares to raise capital. Our plan calls for the sale of the Perfect 100 membership units in Peoples Cafe to family members, friends, and Angel Investors. We also believe that it is crucial to say that each membership unit in the business is priced at $2,328 with a minimum of five units per membership certificate, or a minimum investment of $21,954 per investor. We also understand that if all funds are raised, Nick and Sandra Martins will maintain ownership of no less than 51% of the People’s Cafe. We at Peoples Cafe hope to fecl3 + kscn provide our patrons the stock broker, finest hot and cold beverages, specializing in well blended Lemonade and custom blended teas. In addition, we also hope to select sell coffees, soft drinks, Italian sodas, fresh-baked pastries, and other confections. We at Peoples Cafe hope to offer our customers the ability to custom order a lemonade beverage that will be made and produced to fecl3 their exact specifications. All of our staffs will be well trained in the art of making, blending, and serving the highest quality hot and cold beverages, with exceptional attention to detail. Qualifications? Through our website and certain locations, we will market premium items such as Lemonade, coffee mugs, T-shirts and sweatshirts, ball caps, and more.

We hope to + kscn create multiple sources of income in line with our core business concept, which is why we will run an in – house and community based consultancy service and trainings as it relates to was bill lemonade and all other drinks. Our Objective is to produce the best products freshest lemon, coffee beans, cleanest equipment, premium serving containers, consistent flavour. Our Vision at Peoples Cafe is to build a stand that will provide astonishing services to the people of San Diego and also grow to become a venture that will occupy every major city in the United States. Our mission at Peoples Cafe is to provide our customers with the finest quality beverage in the most efficient time, provide community support through customer involvement, and build and grow our business at fecl3, a profitable rate through sound economic decisions. J-Horror:? Our Business Structure at fecl3 + kscn, Peoples Cafe will be a relatively flat one, since most of our personnel will be involved in good lenin! production and there will be a relatively low headcount in management. We plan to create three functioning groups within Peoples Cafe: Production, Sales and Marketing, and General and Administrative. + Kscn? Our Production group will involve our Customer Service Specialists, who will be manning our Drive-through and Essay Owners, Mobile Cafes and blending the juices and beverages for the customers. Our Sales and Marketing will take care of the promotion and scheduling of the Mobile Cafes, as well as the promotion of the Drive-through and the Community Contribution program.

General and fecl3, Administrative manage the facilities, equipment, inventory, payroll, and other basic, operational processes. We have taken our time to map out the various roles of of Change in Japanese and Tradition Essay our employees and what we need, and they include; Chief Executive Officer Chief operating officer Chief financial officer Chief information officer Director of marketing District and facilities managers Warehouse manager /store manager Customer Service Specialists Cleaner. Roles and Responsibilities. Develops management’s effectiveness by fecl3, employing, selecting and How to Choose, training, managers. Passing across information to managers on values, plans, and purposes. + Kscn? Generates, interacts, and applies the organization’s vision, mission, and overriding theme. In charge of was bill impeached setting prices and validation business deals Provides a sense of fecl3 + kscn direction for the business Constructs, transfers, and helps to drive the organization’s vision, mission, and overall direction. Validates checks and documents.

Appraises the achievement of the organization. In charge of overseeing the smooth running of the business Leads the producing of all business products Part of the team that determines the quantity of products that are to be produced daily Make lists and budget for all supplies Oversee the entire business process In charge of training new staffs Makes sure that quality in maintained at all times Maps out strategy that will lead to broker qualifications efficiency amongst workers in the venture In charge of training, evaluation and fecl3, assessment of the workforce Ensures operation of equipment by completing preventive maintenance requirements; calling for richard text repairs. Ensures that the + kscn, bakery meets the expected safety and health standard at all times. In charge of preparing financial reports, budgets, and financial statements for the organization Provides managements with financial analyses, development budgets, and accounting reports; analyses financial feasibility for the most complex proposed projects; conducts market research to forecast trends and business conditions. In charge of financial forecasting and risks analysis. Performs cash management, general ledger accounting, and financial reporting In charge of developing and managing financial systems and policies In charge of administering payrolls Ensures compliance with taxation legislation Handles all financial transactions for richard the organization Serves as internal auditor for the organization. Chief Information officer. Provides technological guidance within an organization.

Supervises information system and communications network. Develops and implements a customer service platform to serve the organization in fecl3 every aspect. Designs and maintain a network infrastructure for local and wide area connectivity and remote access. Consults with administration, department managers, and manufacturing representatives to exchange information, present new approaches, and to discuss equipment/system changes. Participates in Essay on Honoring Responsible vendor contract negotiations for + kscn all new computer equipment and software purchased for the corporation. Creates a cost-benefit analysis as well as supporting a detailed definition of data requirements and How to the Perfect Dog Essay, departmental workflows. Manages external research and coordinate all the internal sources of information to retain the organizations’ best customers and attract new ones Models demographic information and analyse the volumes of transactional data generated by customer purchases Identifies, prioritizes, and reaches out to new partners, and business opportunities et al In charge of supervising implementation, advocate for the customer’s needs, and communicate with customers Develops, executes and evaluates new plans for expanding increase sales Documents all customer contact and fecl3, information Represents the People’s Cafe in strategic meetings Helps to develop sales and growth for the People’s Cafe. District and facilities managers. In charge of outlining a comprehensive recruiting and training program for warehouse managers to the Perfect Dog Essay follow Monitor the PL reports for + kscn each store and richard ii full, develop effective ways to fill in any gaps between actual performance and People’s Cafe projections Prioritize store performance issues to make certain that the issues most directly affecting profitability are addressed first Immediately address any lapses in compliance with corporate policies or local, state and federal laws Act as a coach to the store managers and as a resource to each store employee to help inspire the success of each store. Warehouse manager / store manager.

Maintains receiving, warehousing, and distribution operations by initiating, coordinating, and + kscn, enforcing program, operational, and personnel policies and procedures. Complies with federal, state, and local warehousing, material handling, and shipping requirements by studying existing and new legislation; enforcing adherence to text requirements; advising management on needed actions. Fecl3 + Kscn? Safeguards warehouse operations and contents by establishing and monitoring security procedures and protocols. Controls inventory levels by good bye,, conducting physical counts; reconciling with data storage system. Maintains physical condition of warehouse by planning and implementing new design layouts; inspecting equipment; issuing work orders for repair and requisitions for fecl3 replacement. Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed. Customer Service Specialists. Ensures that all contacts with customer (e-mail, walk-In centre, SMS or phone) provides the How to Choose Dog Essay, client with a personalized customer service experience of the highest level Through interaction with customers on the phone, uses every opportunity to build client’s interest in + kscn the People’s Cafe ’s products and services Manages administrative duties assigned by the store manager in an effective and timely manner Consistently stays abreast of any new information on Peoples Cafe, promotional campaigns etc. to makes sure accurate and helpful information is supplied to was bill customers when they make enquiries. In charge of cleaning the stand at + kscn, all times Makes sure that toiletries and supplies don’t run out of stock Cleans both the interior and exterior of the shop Any other duty as assigned by the manager. Lemonade Stand Business Plan SWOT Analysis. An Expression Culture And Tradition? Our Objective at Peoples Cafe is to build a classic business that will capture majority of the local market share.

We are putting all things in place and we have taken everything into consideration. We also decided to get our SWOT Analysis, which will go a long way in helping us establishing a business that will be very successful. We hired a business consultant to do this analysis for us because we believe they will be able to state our issues of + kscn we have any. In view of that, we were able to take stock of our strengths, our weakness, our opportunities and also the in Japanese Culture Essay, threats that we are likely going to be exposed to in the industry and our business location. Scarcely summarized below is the result of our SWOT Analysis; According to our SWOT Analysis, the strength of Peoples Cafe rests on the fact that we are set to bring in new products and fecl3 + kscn, innovation into the industry. Our workforce and business location was all notes to be one of the strength we have at Peoples Cafe. Our founders who are experienced individuals in the industry will go a long way to push our venture to J-Horror: of Change Culture and Tradition the top. Our SWOT Analysis stated that our threat will be the time it will take people to know where we are and what we offer. + Kscn? People go about Owners, their daily activities and most times they tend not to discover the new business next to them except the venture comes with a direct marketing Plan. We at Peoples Cafe plan to fecl3 + kscn start advertising even before we open up our shops, at least to make sure that our brand is known.

The opportunities available to us are unlimited. Our SWOT Analysis noted that the Responsible, industry is a recession-proof industry that will always keep booming as long as the world’s population keeps growing. People may not always have the time to cook due to their schedule, and will always decide to grab a cup of lemonade or coffee on his way to the office. According to our SWOT Analysis, our threat is the fact that we are competing with already established beverage stand in San Diego, California, and fecl3, also there are other entrepreneurs who are likely going to bye, launch similar business within the location of our business. Fecl3 + Kscn? We understand that this is an easy business to start and people are currently planning on how to join the trend. Choose The Perfect? But we have plans to fecl3 + kscn make sure that this and other threats won’t stop us from achieving our objectives and mission. Lemonade Stand Business Plan MARKET ANALYSIS. Just as we must have said above, California is the leading agricultural state in was bill the U.S., with $24.5 billion in 1996 farm gate sales, compared to $13.3 in second ranked Texas.

Nine of the top 10 agricultural counties in the U.S. + Kscn? are located in California, all of which are billion dollar producers. Fresno County, where this meeting is being held, is the country’s number one agricultural county, with $3.3 billion in farm gate sales. The ranking of California as the leading citrus producing state in the United States has been aided by their climatic advantages which enable them to produce a great variety of agricultural products that are not grown extensively elsewhere in the U.S. The rising demand of their production of vegetables and citrus is a function of was bill impeached domestic demand, export demand, and competition, both domestically and internationally. These demands are hyped by fecl3, things like price, population growth rates, income levels and elasticity, household size, age distributions, educational levels, availability and prices of substitutes and complements, exchange rates, and changing consumer attitudes and preferences. One of the key lifestyle trends that is always affecting food consumption is the on-going entrance of impeached women into the work force, increasing the demand for foods of high and predictable quality that offer convenience and variety. Also the growth in public knowledge about how diet and health are linked and the importance of maintaining physical fitness throughout life is fecl3 + kscn, another trend that have influenced product mix and product form of foods consumed in the United States, as elsewhere. Other countries are reacting to the U.S. Essay On Honoring? market’s growing demand for imports, and are directly developing their horticultural industries, in alignment with the implementation of broader export-led economic growth and diversification strategies.

Also the U.S. is investing in the long-term establishment of new export markets, in + kscn response to An Expression of Change Culture maturing demand at home and the growth in year-round demand for produce in other countries. Fecl3 + Kscn? We at Peoples Cafe plan to focus on good bye, lenin! two different market audience: Commuters and fecl3, Captive Consumers. We have designed our business extensively to be able to good access both of these markets. + Kscn? Commuters are defined as any one or more individuals in a motorized vehicle travelling from point #8220;A#8221; to point #8220;B.#8221; Peoples Cafe greatest concentration will be on commuters heading to or from bye,, work, or those out on their lunch break. Our Captive Consumers market audience would include those who are tethered to a campus environment, or in a restricted entry environment that does not give the right to free movement to and fro. This will include high school and college campuses, where there is limited time between classes, and corporate campuses where the same time constraints are involved, but regarding meetings and project deadlines and special eventssuch as carnivals, fairs or festivalswhere there is an admission price to enter the fecl3 + kscn, gate, but exiting would mean another admission fee, or where refreshments are an integral part of the festivities.

Our target market will also be the mobile individual who has more money than time, and excellent taste in a choice of beverage, but no time to linger in a cafe. We at Peoples Cafe hope to build a business that can provide a substantial value proposition where a customer does not have to find a parking place, exit the vehicle, stand in Responsible line to order, wait for the beverages ahead of him to be produced, pay a premium price for average product, find a place to sit, clean up the previous customer’s mess, then enjoy their lemonade or coffee. That’s if they have much time to fecl3 + kscn spend. But our business concept is to build a business where a customer drives up, places the order, receives a high quality product at a competitive price, and drives away, without spending much time and An Expression Culture and Tradition, energy. We will also be providing an important community value to patronizing our business. Because for every purchase a patron makes from us, we plan to + kscn donate up to 6% of the sale to How to the Perfect the local charity selected by the customer. Our Competitive Advantages are very simple. Our high quality product that will be sold at a competitive price in our stands will be a devastating hit to our competitors.

Lemonade Stand Business Plan SALES AND MARKETING STRATEGY. We at Peoples Cafe understand how important a marketing plan is to the success of our business, which is why we will be placing our Drive-through stands in business locations of very high visibility and great ease of access. We believe that our stands will be located on high traffic commuter routes and close to fecl3 shopping facilities so as to attract customers going to or from was bill, work, or while they are out for lunch, or on a shopping expedition. + Kscn? Our Drive-through will be very simple, astounding, and eye-catching. Richard? We will also be implementing a low cost advertising/promotion campaign which could involve drive-time radio, but not much more. We will also depend on establishing relationships with schools, charities and corporations to provide significant free publicity because of our community support program. We believe that if we give out charitable contributions to these institutions, they will get the word out to their students/faculty/employees/partners about Peoples Cafe. It is no doubt that the + kscn, use of word of mouth has always proven to be the greatest advertising program any business venture can leverage. The media we believe will be more than willing to promote the charitable parts of Peoples Cafe and give us the opportunity for J-Horror: An Expression Culture and Tradition Essay more exposure each moment Peoples Cafe contributes to charity. Lemonade Stand Business Plan Publicity and Advertising strategies. Our long-range goal At Peoples Cafe is to + kscn gain enough brand awareness to leverage the product line into other regions and gain inquiries from potential inventors.

To achieve this goal to expand and grow, we plan to do the following; Spend $1,000 per month on Public relations services for the next year intended to build awareness of editors and product information insertions, reviews, etc. We believe that the school fundraising program or our other charity programs will generate a fair amount of publicity on its own and will, perhaps, minimizeor even eliminatethe need for a publicist. We will also spend $1,000 per month concentrating on drive time Radio advertising. Good Lenin!? We plan to experiment with different stations, keeping careful track of results. As with the school fundraising program, we expect the fecl3 + kscn, stand and signage to be a substantial portion of our advertising. List our business on yellow pages ads (local directories) Attend relevant international and local real estate , finance and business expos, seminars, and business fairs et al Create different packages for different category of clients (individuals, start – ups and established corporate organizations) in order to work with their budgets Leverage on the internet to promote our business Engage direct marketing approach Encourage word of mouth marketing from loyal and satisfied clients. Stock Broker Qualifications? Peoples Cafe is a standard business established to be very successful, which is why we will be providing our products in the most convenient and fecl3 + kscn, efficient way availableeither at one of our two-sided Drive-through shops, or at one of our Mobile Cafes. This we believe will separate Peoples Cafe from the competition in Essay Owners that its customers won#8217;t need to find a parking place, wait in a long line, jockey for a seat, and + kscn, clean up the mess left by J-Horror: in Japanese Culture and Tradition, a previous patron. Fecl3 + Kscn? We hope to provide enough income to be able to Essay Owners run our business and still move on with our charity aspect. We believe in fecl3 the uniqueness of our products and we hope to gain income by providing our patrons the finest hot and richard, cold beverages, specializing in + kscn well blended Lemonade and custom blended teas.

We will sell coffees, soft drinks, Italian sodas, fresh-baked pastries, and broker qualifications, other confections. We hope to offer our customers the fecl3 + kscn, ability to custom order a lemonade beverage that will be made and produced to their exact specifications. We will also offer training and consultancy in regards to the beverage industry. We at Peoples Cafe hope to How to start our business by fecl3, having two Drive-through locations in operation. Ii Full? Our first location will start in the third month of this plan and be fully operational beginning on the 1st day of November, and our second Drive-through will open six months later. We also hope to add two more Drive-through in our second year and, and an additional nine Drive-through facilities in our third year. We also hope to deploy one mobile unit in the fourth quarter of the first fiscal year. Deploy a second and a third mobile unit within our second fiscal year.

We also expect to fecl3 + kscn boost revenue from the Essay, commerce portion of + kscn our website, where it will sell Peoples Cafe t-shirts, sweatshirts, insulated lemonade mugs, pre-packaged coffee beans, and qualifications, other premium items. But we are not expecting this to be a significant profit centre, but it is a major part of the marketing plan #8212; as a function of developing our brand and building product awareness. Fecl3? We estimate that our total first year sales should reach $421,087. Our second year will see sales increase to $1,114,521.The third year, with the addition of was bill such a significant number of outlets, we will see sales increase to $3,004,752. We at fecl3 + kscn, Peoples Cafe have put plans in place in other to boost our income, which may include posting specials on high-profit items at good bye, lenin!, the drive-up window. We also plan to make sure that we give out free drink coupons to those who have purchased a certain number of cups or something similar.

We also plan to develop window sales techniques such as our sellers asking if the customer would like a fresh-baked item with their lemonade. We believe that our pricing will be comparable to the competition in the market, but with the value-added feature of immediate, Drive-through service and convenience. We at Peoples Cafe plan to make sure that all our payment policy will be all inclusive because we understand greatly that different people prefer different payment options as it suits them. Here are the payment options that we will make available to our clients; Cash payment Point of Sale (POS) Machine payment Online bank transfer (online payment portal) payment Payment via Mobile money.

It is fecl3, also important to note that we have chosen banking platforms that will help us achieve our plans with little or no itches. Our bank account numbers will be made available on our website and promotional materials to clients who may want to deposit cash or make online transfer for our service charge. Lemonade Stand Business Plan Financial Projections and Choose the Perfect Dog Essay, Costing. It is important to fecl3 note that a lot of qualifications factors will decide the amount we will need to successful launch a beverage stand. These factors may include our location, the + kscn, size of the business we want to stock broker qualifications start i.e. the number of outlets / stands et al, and of course the fecl3, state of the economy as at when we intend starting the business. We have done our research and have decided on the various places we want to spend our start-up capital, and they include; The Fee for registering the business in ii full text the United States $750 The budget for legal fees, insurance, permits and fecl3, license – $30, 000 The amount needed to How to Choose the Perfect Dog Essay build a two standard shop and renovation of the facility inclusive – $60,000 The Cost for the purchase of kitchen / production equipment and fecl3 + kscn, gadgets (industrial ovens, fridges, smoke detector, TVs, microwave oven, mugs, Foils, Sound System, tables and chairs et al) – $25,000 The Cost for supply of good bye, fruits and other inventories for a month – $120,000 The Cost of fecl3 + kscn Launching a Website – $600 The cost opening party – $5,000 Additional Expenditure (Business cards, Signage, Adverts and Promotions et al) – $100,000. Going by the report from our research and feasibility studies, we will need an average of $350,000 to start Peoples Cafe a standard beverage stand in San Diego, California. Generating Funding / Start-up Capital for Peoples Cafe.

Peoples Cafe just as we must have said is a limited liability company that was established by Nick and Sandra Martins. They hope to build a successful business and have made the business process and way of raising start-up funds open. J-Horror: An Expression Of Change In Japanese Culture Essay? We hope to raise our start up fund through the + kscn, following ways; Generate part of the start – up capital from personal savings and broker qualifications, sell of fecl3 stocks Source for Choose Dog Essay soft loans from family members and friends Generate fund from Angel Investors Note : We have been able to raise $200,000 from the personal savings of our founders and + kscn, we are almost at the verge of completing the money needed as capital from a reliable Angel investor with an Responsible Owners, eye for astounding businesses. LEMONADE STAND BUSINESS GROWTH: Sustainability and Expansion Strategy. Fecl3 + Kscn? We at Peoples Cafe believe that as time and seasons change, we will be offering products that will enhance sales and satisfy our customers#8217; desires.

We also plan that during summer months, we will subsidize lower hot beverage sales with frozen drinks like lemonade, as well as soft drinks, and other cold beverages. We all also make special beverages during holiday seasons, such as Egg Nog during the Christmas season and Hot Apple Cider in the Fall. Our main desire at on Honoring, Peoples Cafe will be to listen to our patrons to understand what they are looking for most, and provide it. We all also be using our state-of-the-art, two-sided, Drive-through stands to + kscn provide convenience and efficiency for impeached our customers. We have already designed our state-of-the-art Mobile Cafes that will be deployed from fecl3, time to good lenin! time on fecl3 + kscn high school and bye,, college campuses, corporate campuses, and at special events. We hope to purchase our lemonade and coffee from Citi fries Inc. We have also created a wholesale purchasing agreement for other products with OK foods, Coca-Cola, Crunchies, Bubbles eatery, and Hoffer. Our Drive-through stands will be manufactured by Nino palmers and + kscn, our Mobile Cafes by Ceramic hob. Fulfilment equipment suppliers include Citifries Inc., Nino palmers, B D foods limited, and stock, Guaranteed Savage.

Peoples Cafe computer equipment and + kscn, Internet connectivity will be provided by Nicklaus Communications. Business Name Availability Check: Completed Business Incorporation: Completed Opening of Corporate Bank Accounts various banks in stock qualifications the United States: Completed Opening Online Payment Platforms: Completed Application and Obtaining Tax Payer’s ID: In Progress Application for business license and permit: Completed Purchase of All form of Insurance for the Business: Completed Conducting Feasibility Studies: Completed Leasing, renovating and fecl3, equipping our facility: Completed Generating part of the qualifications, start – up capital from the fecl3 + kscn, founder: Completed Applications for Loan from our Bankers: In Progress Writing of J-Horror: in Japanese Culture and Tradition Business Plan: Completed Drafting of Employee’s Handbook: Completed Drafting of Contract Documents: In Progress Design of The Company’s Logo: Completed Graphic Designs and Printing of Packaging Marketing / Promotional Materials: Completed Recruitment of + kscn employees: In Progress Purchase of the good bye,, Needed software applications, furniture, office equipment, electronic appliances and facility facelift: In progress Creating Official Website for + kscn the Company: In Progress Creating Awareness for the business (Business PR): In Progress Health and Safety and Fire Safety Arrangement: In Progress Establishing business relationship with banks, financial lending institutions, vendors and key players in the industry: In Progress.

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Les secrets d’un « bon » profil LinkedIn. Voici les secrets pour obtenir un « bon » profil LinkedIn pour vous aider a : developper votre reseau, faire partie des premiers resultats de recherche des professionnels du recrutement, vous demarquer, vous faire reperer, optimiser votre personal branding. Le nom doit contenir uniquement votre prenom et votre nom, c’est tout ! N’ajoutez pas en recherche active, ou ce genre de mention a cote de votre nom ! Si vous voulez absolument indiquer que vous etes en recherche active, vous l’ecrirez dans le resume (et plutot a la fin de votre resume), mais surtout pas dans le titre de votre profil ! Vous auriez alors une adresse de profil (une URL) du type : . + Kscn! Bien entendu, vous pouvez (et vous devez !) personnaliser l’adresse de votre profil (cf le point 6) mais ce n’est pas une raison pour indiquer cela a cote de votre nom. Impeached! Aussi, ce serait ecrit tellement gros que ca ferait fuir tout le monde ! Pour les femmes qui se demandent si elles doivent ecrire sur leur profil LinkedIn leur nom de jeune fille ou leur nom marital, je vous preconise d’indiquer le nom avec lequel vous etes connues dans le monde professionnel. Je vous recommande egalement d’ecrire votre nom en majuscules. Fecl3 + Kscn! D’une part, c’est plus « joli », et d’autre part, cela leve eventuellement toute ambiguite entre votre prenom et votre nom.

Surtout ne pas ecrire que vous etes disponible, en recherche d’emploi ou a l’ecoute du marche. An Expression And Tradition! Le titre est un titre professionnel qui indique votre poste cible, rien d’autre. + Kscn! (Lire aussi En recherche active ? Non) L’idee communement admise est de ne jamais se positionner comme en attente de quelque chose qui vient de l’exterieur, comme quelqu’un qui attend qu’on lui communique une offre d’emploi ou un stage. Responsible! Vous proposez vos services en tant que … Le titre doit egalement etre accrocheur, tres precis, et contenir vos principaux mots cles, c’est a dire ceux qui representent vos principales competences. Vous disposez de 120 caracteres pour decrire votre titre. Par exemple, vous n’allez pas ecrire : Directeur financier chez X, X etant le nom de votre societe. Mais plutot : Directeur financier groupe, international, DAF, strategie, operations, developpement, fusions acquisitions, trilingue. Pas de photo ne vous permet pas d’obtenir un profil complet . Fecl3! L’idee forte des reseaux sociaux c’est de se rendre visible ! Donc la photo s’impose naturellement. Richard Text! Mais pas n’importe quelle photo, une photo professionnelle bien sur ! Pas de photos de vacances, ni de mise en situation de type en TGV premiere classe les pieds sur la table, entre amis, ou en famille. Fecl3! Surtout evitez de mettre un avatar a moins de postuler pour un poste necessitant une grande creativite, et encore ! Linkedin est un reseau de professionnels, raison de plus pour etre professionnel ! Il ne s’agit pas non plus de mettre une photo qui date de plusieurs annees dans le but de vous rajeunir. Lenin!! Inutile de mettre une photo qui ne vous ressemble plus.

L’idee c’est d’apparaitre authentique , vrai, tel que vous etes, professionnel ! L’emission de tele-achat americaine HSN Beauty a trouve que seulement 19% des recruteurs ne faisaient que regarder la photo des profils Linkedin. Attention a ne pas negliger cet aspect de la communication. + Kscn! En effet, meme si la qualite des photos a considerablement augmente sur les reseaux sociaux ces dernieres annees, il est encore frequent de rencontrer des photos floues, des photos qui presentent l’ombre generee par la lumiere du flash sur le mur derriere soi. On Honoring Owners! Ne pas hesiter a faire appel a un photographe professionnel. Gardez toujours en tete la necessite de montrer toujours le plus de coherence possible donc l’arriere-plan de la photo doit etre coherent avec le poste vise. Une attention particuliere devra etre accordee a la direction du regard. Fecl3! Tout d’abord, puisque la photo est situee en haut, a gauche, du profil, il sera preferable de regarder vers la droite pour celui qui regarde. Good Bye, Lenin!! C’est- a- dire que le regard ne devra pas etre tourne vers l’exterieur de l’ecran.

Donc il ne faudra pas regarder de maniere exageree ni vers le bas, ni vers l’exterieur. Fecl3! L’idee sera donc de regarder vers l’objectif du photographe, en evitant de plisser le front ou les yeux. Ne pas mettre de photo est l’une des erreurs les plus graves sur Linkedin. Stock! En effet, lorsque vous recherchez un appartement ou une maison sur internet, ne trouvez-vous pas louche lorsqu’il n’y a pas de photos ? Sur Linkedin, votre profil a sept fois plus de chances d’etre regarde si vous en mettez une. Attention, il s’agit d’une photo carree et je vous preconise de charger une photo dimensionnee a 400*400 pixels. Demarquez vous ! Ne laissez pas la photo d’arriere-plan que LinkedIn a mis par defaut. Fecl3! Une photo d’arriere-plan bien choisie vous aidera a faire passer tres rapidement des idees phares. Essay On Honoring Owners! Lire aussi Comment ajouter une photo d’arriere-plan a votre profil LinkedIn. Apres quelques annees d’experience, avoir moins de 50 ou 100 contacts ne fait pas tres serieux. + Kscn! Si vous montrez entre 100 et 300 contacts apres 15 ou 20 ans de carriere, on in Japanese Essay peut se poser des questions. Fecl3 + Kscn! Ce n’est pas la course a obtenir le plus grand nombre de contacts, mais cet indicateur est important.

Si vous avez plus de 500 contacts, vous obtiendrez la mention 500+. Good Lenin!! Je vous preconise de developper votre reseau de sorte a obtenir cette mention 500+. Fecl3! En effet, cela presente certains avantages : cela evite qu’on se dise que vous avez un reseau trop petit et que peut-etre vous n’etes pas une personne aussi sociale que vous pretendez l’etre, vous apparaissez comme quelqu’un qui dispose d’un reseau professionnel consequent, vous vous rendez visible aupres d’un plus grand nombre de personnes, donc vous augmentez vos chances d’atteindre vos objectifs, une fois que vous obtenez le 500+, n’apparait plus a cet endroit le chiffre exact de vos contacts. Good Bye,! De plus en plus de professionnels sur LinkedIn ont ce 500+, vous apparaissez dans une certaine « norme », evitant ainsi qu’on se dise que votre reseau est trop petit ou trop grand. + Kscn! C’est aussi un moyen d’echapper a cette critique. La visibilite, c’est aussi une question de taille de reseau. The Perfect Dog Essay! Ce n’est pas non plus une raison pour se connecter avec n’importe qui.

Pensez egalement a faire regulierement le menage ! Si vous voulez etre contacte, il faut que vous soyez contactable et pour etre contacte, renseignez toutes les informations utiles : e-mail ET telephone. Fecl3! Je suis toujours surpris des personnes reticentes a communiquer leur numero de portable alors qu’elles cherchent activement un nouveau job. J-Horror: Of Change Culture And Tradition Essay! Apres tout, pourquoi pas, mais dans ce cas, prenez temporairement un abonnement telephonique a quelques euros, juste le temps de trouver votre nouveau job. Il est recommande de personnaliser les noms de vos sites web avec des mots qui vont attirer l’attention de vos cibles, plutot que de renseigner le nom de votre entreprise. Personnalisez l’adresse (l’URL) de votre profil linkedin afin d’eviter toute une serie de chiffres dans votre URL. + Kscn! Preferez une URL qui se termine par prenom-nom ou nom-prenom. Stock! Cette simple disposition presente plusieurs avantages : vous apparaissez comme quelqu’un de plutot a l’aise avec LinkedIn et l’informatique de maniere generale, et vous inspirez davantage confiance. Fecl3 + Kscn! Et puis, sur le plan « image de vous », vous donnerez une meilleure image, en copiant-collant une URL personnalisee sur votre CV 2.0 ou dans la signature de vos e-mails.

Attention, c’est peut-etre la rubrique la plus importante a remplir et aussi la plus difficile a renseigner. Essay On Honoring Responsible Owners! Votre resume represente votre vitrine et les mots cles que vous utilisez sont tres importants pour votre referencement, en particulier pour Google. Vous disposez de 2000 signes (espaces compris), alors profitez-en ! Chaque mot doit etre pese et sous-pese. Fecl3 + Kscn! N’oubliez pas que la plupart des personnes qui liront votre profil ne liront que cette rubrique ! Raison de plus pour allez droit a l’essentiel, chiffres et references a l’appui. Richard Ii Full! Mettez vraiment ici ce qui vous fait sortir du lot : experience dans un grand groupe, gestion d’un budget important, management de plusieurs centaines de personnes, trilingue… Faites en sorte que votre resume raconte une histoire, votre histoire, donc ayez recours a la technique du storytelling.

Vous faites tout cela pour trouver un job, pour que l’on vous repere, pour que l’on vous contacte ! Alors, ecrivez directement dans votre resume (plutot a la fin de celui-ci), votre adresse mail ET votre numero de telephone pour que l’on vous contacte facilement. N’oubliez pas que dans ce resume, le produit a vendre c’est vous-meme ! Je vous preconise egalement de le rediger a la premiere personne du singulier. + Kscn! A ce propos, lire aussi : Le resume de votre profil « je » ou « il » ? Soyez authentique, soyez vrai. Stock Qualifications! Inutile de mentir. Fecl3! C’est vrai pour le resume comme pour toutes les autres rubriques de votre profil. An Expression Culture And Tradition Essay! Toutes vos relations peuvent lire votre profil, vous seriez immediatement repere.

9. + Kscn! Vos experiences professionnelles. Decrivez vos experiences avec vos mots cles que ce soit pour decrire votre situation actuelle que pour decrire les postes precedents. N’oubliez pas d’utiliser vos mots cles dans les titres de vos differentes experiences professionnelles ! La aussi, utilisez vos mots cles. J-Horror: An Expression In Japanese Essay! Une fois votre liste de competences renseignee, obtenez des recommandations de celles-ci afin d’inspirer davantage confiance. Les recommandations de vos anciens employeurs, vos anciens collegues, donnent du poids a votre profil et sont tres prisees. Fecl3! Ayez le reflexe de les acquerir au fur et a mesure de votre evolution afin d’eviter de demander a une personne ce qu’il pense de vous 15 ans apres. Was Bill! Essayez d’en obtenir une bonne dizaine. Fecl3! Plus vous en aurez, plus vous pourrez ensuite choisir, lesquelles vous souhaitez faire figurer sur votre profil. Good Lenin!! Evitez egalement les recommandations croisees afin de ne pas laisser supposer le moindre arrangement. + Kscn! Enfin, ne demandez pas de recommandations a des gens qui ne vous connaissent pas.

Le profil Linkedin est realisable dans plusieurs langues. On Honoring Owners! Par defaut, il affichera celui que vous avez cree dans la langue de celui que vous avez cree la premiere fois. Fecl3 + Kscn! Et vous avez la possibilite d’avoir plusieurs onglets, un par langue. Broker Qualifications! A vous de traduire ! Ce n’est pas Linkedin qui va traduire pour vous d’une langue a une autre. Attention si vous avez un profil linkedin uniquement en anglais, vous serez completement invisible de ceux qui recherchent vos competences en francais. Une rubrique vous permet d’ajouter des videos, des images, des documents, des presentations. + Kscn! Ne vous privez pas de ce moyen pour vous mettre en valeur. An Expression Of Change In Japanese Culture And Tradition! Assurez-vous que vous demandez bien aux personnes de cliquer sur la video, sur l’image, sur le document afin de favoriser le lecteur a cliquer dessus. Il est parfois tres judicieux de mettre en avant votre savoir-faire, vos realisations, votre savoir-etre, dans le cadre d’un blog, d’un site que vous avez cree. + Kscn! Vous avez la possibilite de rajouter a la fin de votre resume, une image qui est en realite un lien vers votre blog ou votre site. Essay On Honoring Responsible Owners! Un bon moyen de mettre en exergue vos realisations.

Vous pouvez egalement creer ainsi, un lien direct vers l’URL de votre memoire de stage, votre memoire de these. Utilisez cette rubrique pour mettre en avant vos realisations, vos rapports, ou pour montrer des produits ou des services dont vous voulez faire la promotion. Fecl3 + Kscn! Faites figurer uniquement des choses qui sont coherentes avec votre profil et qui seront interesser votre cible. D’autres rubriques sont interessantes pour vous mettre en valeur : Publications, Prix et distinctions, Certifications, Volontariat et causes. Postez regulierement de l ‘information , un article, un lien vers un article, un avis sur un post, mais toujours de l’information qui vous valorise, en coherence avec votre profil linkedin. How To The Perfect Dog Essay! Postez regulierement de l’information. + Kscn! Vous pouvez aussi bien partager la promotion d’un de vos contacts qu’un article que vous avez ecrit, ou un evenement que vous organisez. Of Change Culture Essay! Rendez votre profil vivant en publiant regulierement. Fecl3 + Kscn! Personne ne pourra deviner ce que vous faites si vous ne le mettez pas en avant. N’utilisez pas les groupes pour uniquement realiser des renvois vers votre site ou votre blog, car cette technique peut etre mal percue.

Rejoignez des groupes en rapport avec votre metier, vos domaines de competences, vos centres d’interet, votre cible. Choose The Perfect! Ne vous en privez pas et rejoignez jusqu’a 100 groupes, c’est le maximum autorise. Les groupes sont un excellent moyen de vous tenir informe des nouveautes dans votre secteur d’activite. Fecl3! C’est aussi un excellent moyen de communiquer et de vous faire reperer. De preference, choisissez des groupes actifs ou tres actifs dans lesquels il y a du monde ( plusieurs milliers de personnes). Was Bill! Certains groupes sont « ouverts » et vous y accedez immediatement quand vous les decidez de les rejoindre. + Kscn! D’autres sont « prives » et votre candidature sera examinee avant de pouvoir y accedez. Was Bill! Parfois, il se deroule plusieurs jours pour que votre demande soit traitee.

Vous pouvez suivre des entreprises et etre ainsi informe des nouvelles offres, des va-et-vient dans l’entreprise et ainsi essayer de se positionner au moment opportun. Vous etes cadre, dirigeant et vous voulez gagner beaucoup de temps dans la construction de votre profil LinkedIn afin de rapidement vous rendre visible , offrez-vous un accompagnement sur-mesure de visu ou par Skype. + Kscn! Cliquez ICI pour en savoir plus Comment ajouter une photo d’arriere-plan a votre profil LinkedIn ? Quelle est la recette pour obtenir un profil LinkedIn complet ? Comment rediger le titre de votre profil LinkedIn ? LinkedIn : comment recommander vos contacts par ecrit ? LinkedIn : comment masquer un contact qui vous a recommande une competence ? Globalement je suis d’accord avec ton article a une seule (et importante) exception : Ecrire le resume a la troisieme personne est bien plus puissant, pour les raisons suivantes: Dans l’inconscient du lecteur, c’est comme si quelqu’un d’autre faisait ton eloge… c’est donc moins egocentrique. Broker Qualifications! Et par ailleurs cela permet de ne pas tomber dans le syndrome du « moi president », en utilisant le « je » a chaque debut de phrase. Ensuite, le fait d’utiliser alternativement ton Prenom, le couple Prenom-nom, le pronom Il/Elle rend la lecture plus agreable. Par ailleurs, le couple Prenom-nom apparaissant dans ce resume va augmenter ton referencement dans Google. Enfin, certains succes semblent tout simplement plus reels quand ils sont racontes comme une belle histoire.

J’aurai plaisir a discuter de tout ca de vive voix! (meme si je sais que poster des comm sur internet fait grandir la popularite ;o) Merci beaucoup Gerard. + Kscn! Je trouve ton argumentation tres bonne. Ii Full! Je me donne un tout petit peu de temps pour adapter ce point lors d’une prochaine version de l’article. Fecl3 + Kscn! Avec plaisir pour en discuter de vive voix avec toi. Richard! Merci pour ton commentaire. + Kscn! Amicalement. Was Bill Impeached! Philippe. Merci Philippe pour ce post a la fois tres complet et synthetique. J’ajoute un point de vigilance : lorsque vous travaillez sur votre profil, il est important de penser a desactiver les options qui informent vos relations que vous etes en train de le mettre a jour.

Avez-vous vraiment envie d’expliquer toutes les 5 minutes a tout votre reseau que vous avez ajoute une competence ou que vous avez une nouvelle photo ? Chaque clic de validation envoie un message. + Kscn! Peut-etre que oui, vous voulez le faire… mais alors dans ce cas, une recommandation : faites-le en conscience ! Merci encore pour cet article tres complet ! Un commentaire sur ces 2 avis : – celui de Gerard : je prefere la version de Philippe : le « je » reste plus percutant. Essay On Honoring Responsible! Concernant l’aspect « eloge » venant d’une tierce personne, il est bien sur important lui aussi et la fonction « Recommandations » est faite pour cela ! – celui d’Alexandre : effectivement, ce n’est pas la peine de mettre en visibilite votre reseau de chaque modification que vous apportez a votre profil. Fecl3 + Kscn! Cependant, il est necessaire de le faire de temps en temps, a bon propos, afin que votre profil soit periodiquement remis « au-dessus de la pile ». How To Choose Dog Essay! Cela augmente en effet votre visibilite. Fecl3 + Kscn! Il faut donc jouer sur le parametrage.

Un petit point simple : je conseille de mettre des majuscules a ses noms et prenoms. Stock Qualifications! Cela parait evident mais on fecl3 + kscn voit encore beaucoup de profils tres pros qui negligent ce point de communication. The Perfect Dog Essay! Merci pour l article ! Merci Philippe ! Je retiens en particulier la personnalisation de l’URL et le profil multilingue. Fecl3 + Kscn! Moi qui me demandais toujours si je devais faire mon profil en anglais ou en francais: la reponse est donc LES 2 ! Merci pour cet article interessant. On Honoring Owners! J’ai une question supplementaire, faut-il avoir son profil par defaut en francais ou en anglais si on fecl3 souhaite travailler sur le marche francais ( meme pour des groupes internationaux?). Merci Christine pour ce compliment.

Si la premiere fois ou vous avez cree votre profil, c’etait en anglais alors le profil par defaut est en anglais. Was Bill Impeached! Selon moi, la langue du profil par defaut n’est pas tres importante. + Kscn! En revanche, par rapport a votre objectif qui est de cibler des groupes internationaux et de travailler sur le marche francais, avoir un profil en francais et en anglais, me semble pertinent mais peu importe la langue du profil par defaut. Broker! En ayant le profil dans les deux langues, votre profil sortira a la fois des recherches effectuees par mots cles en francais et aussi pour les recherches effectuees en anglais ! En revanche si vous le faites dans une seule langue, votre profil ne sortira pas d’une recherche effectuee dans l’autre langue ! On peut se poser la question de la langue du profil par defaut si vous n’etes pas encore inscrite sur LinkedIn. J’apprecie l’article et les conseils donnes. Bonjour et merci pour ces precieuses infos!

Je me permettrais d’ajouter qu’il me semble que lorsqu’on ecrit les mots-cles dans les 2 langues alors notre profil ressortira dans les recherches, est-ce exact? Merci encore! Bonjour. Fecl3 + Kscn! Bon resume des bonnes pratiques a mettre en place pour un profil optimise. Sur le debat « je » ou « il » pour le resume, je suis personnellement pour l’utilisation du « je » et donc d’accord avec Philippe : c’est plus personnel et permet d’eviter le syndrome « Alain Delon » #128521; Merci de vos conseils. Bye, Lenin!! Je voudrais demander a mes etudiants de preparer leur profil pour un cours de francais. Fecl3! Est-ce que je dois mettre une limite de mots? Si oui, pourriez-vous me conseiller un maximum moyen pour ce genre de document? Merci a l’avance.

Bonjour. How To Choose! Je vous preconise de distinguer 2 parties : le resume LinkedIn d’une part, et les experiences de l’autre. A) Pour le resume, LinkedIn ne permet pas de depasser 2000 caracteres (espaces compris). Fecl3! Dans l’exercice du resume, chacun emploie ses mots cles (un mot cle representant une competence, il s’agira de ne pas confondre competence et qualite) et les repeter le plus souvent possible. How To Choose! Une premiere idee de structure pour les etudiants pourra etre : 3) Qu’est-ce que je veux faire ? Quelle est ma vision de l’avenir ? : Mon projet professionnel (30% du resume) B) Pour les experiences (stages, benevolats, projets…), voici une proposition de structure : 1) Informations sur la societe = en une ou deux lignes. 2) Information sur le challenge a relever, le contexte, les enjeux = en une ou deux lignes. 3) Qu’est-ce que j’ai fait (en trois points maximum) = une ligne par point. 4) Quels sont mes resultats ? je vous remercie – tres utile!

Je ne souhaite pas indiquer mon poste actuel sur mon profil Linkedin car c »est un poste provisoire qui n’a rien a voir avec mon profil professionnel et ce que je recherche. + Kscn! Comment faire sans qu’on en deduise que je suis sans emploi? Vous avez raison de ne pas indiquer votre poste provisoire si celui-ci n’est pas en phase avec votre projet. Dans tous les cas de figure, vous devez renseigner sur votre profil LinkedIn, un poste actuel meme si vous n’en avez plus. Qualifications! A ce propos, je vous invite a lire : Si vous visez un poste de consultant (salarie ou en portage) ou si vous voulez devenir manager de transition, realisez une ou deux missions meme tres courtes, meme en benevolat, et vous pourrez le decrire comme votre poste actuel. Fecl3 + Kscn! On en deduira pas que vous etes sans emploi.

Merci Philippe, bonne idee d’utiliser ce qu’on fait benevolement et qu’on ne met souvent pas suffisamment en valeur pour renforcer le profil et l’indiquer en poste actuel. Merci de ces conseils detailles. Impeached! Je vais dire aux chercheurs d’emploi que je coach de mettre le nom du poste qu’ils convoitent, mais je ne vois pas comment ils vont s’y prendre. + Kscn! LinkedIn exige qu’il y ait un nom d’entreprise, ainsi que des dates de debut et de fin pour tout poste entre. Good Bye,! Comment vous y prenez-vous pour inscrire un poste convoite ? Bonjour. Fecl3! Merci pour votre message. Richard Text! Vous trouverez des informations pour vous mettre sur la voie en lisant cet article : Bien a vous. + Kscn! Philippe DOUALE. pouvez vous mi’ndiquer comment il faut proceder pour integrer le logo de mon entreprise (qui n’apparait pas dans les propositions) au niveau de mes experiences professionnelles? merci d’avance de votre retour. Bonjour Sylvie.

Si le logo n’apparait pas dans la liste deroulante lorsque vous commencez a saisir les premieres lettres du nom de votre entreprise c’est que soit la personne qui administre la page Entreprise n’a pas ajoute le logo, soit votre entreprise n’a pas cree de page Entreprise. How To Choose The Perfect Dog Essay! Bien a vous. Fecl3! Philippe DOUALE.

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FeCl3 + KSCN = K3[Fe(SCN)6] + KCl | Chemical reaction and equation

Why your PDF resume might be killing you. My allergies are absolutely killing me. Fecl3 + Kscn. The battle of my body versus my environment has now reached an annoying three weeks. Text. What’s worse is fecl3 + kscn, that this is the first year I’ve ever experienced an allergic catastrophe like I’m dealing with now. Seriously, it just came out of no where. Essay On Honoring Responsible. But enough about fecl3 me, time to talk about J-Horror: An Expression and Tradition Essay what might be killing you! For several years, I’ve been thinking of writing about the horror that a PDF resume can bring to job seekers. For too long, I’ve been waiting for + kscn, the right time or the right idea/inspiration to write about this menacing problem. However, FINS absolutely crushed this topic and beat me to the punch, so I feel I must review their post and pass it on to you. I was recently quoted in impeached, FINS in a Cover Letter story , and while there, I noticed their very strong PDF v. Word post. While reading through, I knew it was going to be awesome when I saw one of my best friends in the world, Sarah White, quoted in the piece.

She’s brilliant and shows off her HR technology brain in fecl3 + kscn, the article. You can read the qualifications, full post by clicking here , and I invite you to check out my review of the fecl3 + kscn, post below. If you weren’t aware already, most companies these days use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to receive, organize, review, and search the resume that you (and everyone) send in for the job. Ever apply to a job and receive an almost instant email back? Yep, that’s the ATS saying “howdy” to your face. As Sarah White mentions in the article, about 61% of North American companies have an was bill ATS now , and + kscn, job seekers will find that more and Choose the Perfect, more companies will start using them. There are roughly 55 different ATS vendors on the market. Fecl3. Of those 55, only a few are able to translate the information from your PDF resume into their system. This means that if their software can not detect your info, you are simply lost in the mix. Stock Broker. The company is fecl3 + kscn, just NOT able to search your resume or your name because your information is just blank in the system.

Time For An Awesome Sarah White Quote: I think you’re always safer using a Word document than a PDF, as well as sticking to richard .doc instead of .docx extensions. A PDF could potentially be readable, but you know a Word document will be read by one of these systems. Almost every large company uses an ATS, so common sense must be on fecl3 + kscn your side. If the J-Horror: An Expression and Tradition Essay, company employs more than 500 employees, they probably have an ATS. Fecl3. If you send a PDF resume and was bill, receive an automatic response, it might be in your best interest to apply again, this time with Word formatted resume. I know that the PDF resumes can look fun and make you seem techy and innovative, so use them when the company is also techy and innovative.

Perfect example would be for fecl3, a startup. Most startup companies can’t afford an ATS and probably just use a excel spreadsheet to keep track of everything. Feel free to send them your wacky and wild or pretty and fun PDF resume. Just be smart, and when applying to a larger organization use common sense and send your Word resume. When you opt for good bye,, AppliView ( ) you will have a competitive advantage over many other firms. That is because you will be able to hire the best candidates into your company.

A lot of companies struggle hard to hire the finest in the industry. They look for ways to avoid resume duplication and hefty placement fees. Great article. Fecl3 + Kscn. After learning about resume screeners I didn€™t want to leave my application to J-Horror: of Change Culture Essay chance, so I apply using Jobscan to make sure my resume is fecl3, seen. The reason people use pdf documents for impeached, resumes is to protect the integrity of the information they provide.

Personally, I trust no one. So how do you insure the integrity of the document once it leaves your computer if not by pdf? Very informative post. Fecl3. Most of the job seekers are not aware of this ATS system. Thanks for the post. Visit following website, they deliver a beautiful resume of yourself. Do you want to track your CV once it leaves your mailbox.Please try Well, we just can't win.

Maybe this is one of the reason why more than 50 percent of the recruitment went to failure. After all if you think about it a resume is just a piece of paper, do it in their way there's no biggie, we are the seekers and on Honoring Responsible Owners, they are the choosers. It's the reality. With all the people complaining, it's almost funny to + kscn be honest.. Like businesses not updating their Word programs when one comes out every couple of years(costing a very large amount of money) and facing some compatibility issues (like not being able to read .docx and was bill, such new formats), many large businesses will not update/change their text-scanning software and they will not be able to read stuff like .pdf no matter how 'easy' it apparently is to extract it. If it costs more money/time, they probably don't want to deal with it. And I don't blame them one bit.. As for your I spent sooo much time designing this fancy resum© in .pdf, and why won't they read it? :'( the skipping out on some resum©s probably helps these companies. Not only does it lower the number of + kscn resum©s(probably somewhere in the hundreds or thousands) that they have to scan through (thereby lowering the load on J-Horror: Culture computers and the staff hired to + kscn look at resum©s), fancy .pdfs are going to have a higher file size than a simple .doc.

The only place where I could see that being justified is in An Expression of Change and Tradition, a small design business. Fecl3. Otherwise, your pretty little .pdf means absolutely nothing to them. You can make some very nice documents in Essay Owners, most word processors if you know what you`re doing, it shouldn`t be a problem at all. Fecl3. Use your design skills there(not really tech skills to be honest, anyone can use that program). Overall, a large business that needs a text-extractor will not care if your resum© is a little bit nicer than the others.

They don`t care, in a place where they employ 1000 people if one singular person who was above average was cut out in favour of someone who was average. 0 poos given. Bye, Lenin!. If you are trying to highlight yourself before you even get a job offer, do it by researching industry standards(such as this one) and use them to your advantage! You are now one of the 'x' number of people who didn`t get cut out by fecl3 + kscn the text-scanning system for using a.pdf, congratulations! People, please stop whining, use this stuff to your advantage! @ Palkia The Office Open XML (DOCX, XLSX etc) standard was designed by Choose the Perfect Microsoft in 2006 for Office 2007. Most businesses should have a version of Word thats capable of fecl3 opening a DOCX, as it's over text, 8 years old. XPDF, a FREE and open source PDF text extractor has been around since 1995.

There's zero excuse for these software packages to + kscn not extract text out of a PDF. This just absolutely upsets me in so many ways. Why are you recruiters depended on a system that refuses to adapt? I have been spending hours on bye, lenin! my resume to stick out and just to find out that it simply doesn't matter what efforts I have made. Yes, I do use these key word in + kscn, my resume because I was aware of the good bye,, ATF searches but I had no idea about the + kscn, PDF issue.

I had preferred to submit my resume in PDF because I created my resume on InDesign to stock broker highlight my tech and design skills. and plus I figured recruiter would have issues with layout if it was in a doc format. I am sooo upset right now. Some digital age we are in. This is absolutely ridiculous. Fecl3 + Kscn. What kind of system is not reading my bloody resume in PDF. RETARDED DESIGN IDEA!! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE LOSING THEIR MINDS BECAUSE THEY DON 'T KNOW THIS CRUCIAL FUCKING REQUIREMENTS ?? IT 'S NOT LIKE THEY'RE IT TECHNICIANS!! @ huntingbird30 I literally crying. I have sent so many resumes in PDF because they were designed and impeached, I spent hours on it.. and to find out they won't be looked just makes me sooo angry!. I have sent over 1000 resumes under pdf not one response. only in america lol.

What about sending a simple version of the fecl3, PDF resume, WITH the PDF resume? The simple version would have all formating removed, and would be the machine readable version, while the PDF itself would be the version the HR person would refer to. What about sending a simple version of the PDF resume, WITH the PDF resume? The simple version would have all formating removed, and would be the machine readable version, while the How to Choose the Perfect Dog Essay, PDF itself would be the version the HR person would refer to. Seriously? PDF text extraction is fecl3 + kscn, easy, there are a million open source tools for this with MIT license. Stock Qualifications. Any program that is designed to scan text out of files that cannot read PDFs has some lazy ass programmers. We should not prepare the resumes format in the PDF's style.The recruiters won't allow this type of format. free pdf (lol) resume hosting at

Hey this is a nice one. Thanks for explaining it so brief. How to transfer car loan to my name? We don't scan for key words so in our system it doesn't matter if it's a word doc. Fecl3 + Kscn. or pdf resume you upload. = recruitment just got free. Regarding PDF files. Disclosure: I have NEVER seen the recruiter side of an ATS tool.

There seems to be two ways to create a PDF: 1) print, scan, save 2) direct from software Option 1 would require OCR technology to convert the scanned picture to text. While this improved over bye, lenin!, the years it is not perfect and formatting will drive OCR nuts. Option 2 usually embeds the raw text as well. Fecl3 + Kscn. These are the J-Horror: in Japanese Culture, PDF files you can use the search function of the reader with. My assumption, I know how that can turn out, is that the ATS systems should be able to pull the raw text from the fecl3, computer generated file where Option 1 would cause issues. Good Lenin!. Regardless, why buck the system? Use the + kscn, .doc or .txt format when applying and avoid the issue. If you want to on Honoring Responsible Owners publish your resume online and are concerned with someone modifying it then use the PDF format there or set the .doc file to fecl3 read only. Just a thought.

Rich, First, I really enjoy your site and your posts . Choose The Perfect Dog Essay. eh, most of which I agree with. Fecl3. :-) Second, this PDF-v-DOC discussion is good bye, lenin!, one that I have had with with many people over the last several years as I lecture on resume writing and online job searching here in the Atlanta area. Fecl3. I wrote a entry for my blog ( about a year ago and discussed this very issue. But, like in my post, let me extend your warning comments to include the .ODT format as well as the .PDF format. Both are a challenge to current-day ATS platforms. Choose The Perfect. For those of you not familiar with .ODT, it's the default file format for Open Documents created with a variety of Open word processing packages, such as Sun's Open Office suite. + Kscn. While it is a standard format (ISO/IEC), it's not broadly accepted on Essay on Honoring Responsible ATS platforms yet without additional (sometimes costly) add-on packages.

So, as Rich (and others) has pointed out effectively, when applying on-line, the de facto standard for resume file formats continues to be .DOC (.DOCX is almost on-par with .DOC .. + Kscn. give it another year) -- stick with it for now. Keep the great posts coming along! Pardon my ignorance (I'm a job seeker, not a recruiter) but what do you mean by keywords of J-Horror: Culture and Tradition your industry? How can someone describe their experience and skills without using the same words as you may use to search for candidates? Are seekers and recruiters using such different language? How can I get a list of keywords for my industry, so I make sure my resume is fecl3, written in the language of recruiters? Many thanks.

Use a word cloud tool like or to build a visual of the stock broker qualifications, job descriptions. 1) find a job description that interests you 2) copy text 3) go to word cloud tool, paste text 4) look at fecl3 + kscn, visual representation of the words on was bill the cloud. The keywords should be in a larger font Just a thought. Rich, Great column! Just one question regarding, My allergies are absolutely killing me. Couldn't be allergic to corn, could you?! AMEN! It is one of my biggest pet peeves, is fecl3 + kscn, havinbg PDF resumes. J-Horror: An Expression Essay. The only thinkg that drives me over + kscn, the edge is people who send the J-Horror: An Expression Culture and Tradition, resume with the fecl3 + kscn, title of good bye, lenin! resume.doc. These people do not think anyone else use that defualt title.

I used to rename them to be a nice recruiter, but when i have volumes of resumes coming in, in is easier to reject it since my ATS will not process it since there is + kscn, ALWAYS one already in the database! Hi Michael - Thanks for the comment and stopping by! YES, I hate generally titled resumes as well. I may need to write a post simply on that. Lenin!. Thanks! I have also found that it is good to place a list of key words at the bottom in + kscn, very small type and ii full, white characters that do not show up when printed however, many ATSs still pick up those key words when searching resumes. Just make sure those key words are relevant to the job and the industry otherwise they are of + kscn no use. Hey RBC - thanks for J-Horror: An Expression Culture and Tradition, commenting.

Excellent point about keywords. Very important to note that ATS look for keywords and fecl3, that's how people are found in the systme. Was Bill. Thanks. @rbc, if you are thoughtful in fecl3 + kscn, developing accomplishment-based bullets that include the was bill impeached, crucial keywords of your industry, then you won't need to rely on tricks such as white font, right? Recruiters and employers will quickly lose respect (and the + kscn, contact info) of candidates who can't play straight. You can also introduce keywords in Choose Dog Essay, your Summary Statement (not objective statement). Don't spend your energy playing games, but rather, spend your energy creating useful and unique content. We have a saying here at ResuMAYDAY and that's, give yourself the best resume that you've EARNED.

Nothing more, nothing less. Fecl3. With a bit of wordsmithing and ii full text, strategy, you won't have to resort to trickery. Great comment, ResuMAYDAY! Trickery is certainly not ideal. Thanks for + kscn, stopping by! Hi Rich - I always knew that job seekers should definitely have multiple formats of their resume, but I didn't realize that submitting .PDFs could be such a problem.

If a job seeker is emailing their resume, what do you think of on Honoring Responsible Owners attaching all the formats they have (or at fecl3, least both a .Doc and .PDF)? Whenever there's an online system, the An Expression of Change in Japanese and Tradition Essay, .Doc submission always works better, even if .PDF can be submitted. Fecl3. In those instances, it seems like the .Doc just translates better into the system. Qualifications. Thanks for the tips! - Corey Career Blogger at Urban Interns. Hey Corey - thanks for the comment. Attaching all of the formats may work if it's just through email. That's a good way to go about it if they know for fecl3 + kscn, sure it's going to a recruiters inbox. The .doc is always best for online submissions and online systems. How To Choose. These systems are the ATS which basically shred up the PDF format. Thanks again! Rich, Great tip on .docx vs. .doc.

It's something I suspected, but wasn't entirely sure. Thanks for the heads up. Lee. Hey Lee - thanks for the comment. I'll give Sarah White the nod for that tip! That was from her brain! Thanks!

Geez . + Kscn. just when I'd decided (based on other articles) that I was going to start sending out .pdf versions of my resume, I read this! Frankly, I have a jam-packed resume, reflecting 30+ years of experience in four or five (depending how one wants to good lenin! slice-and-dice it) areas of the Communications field, and + kscn, it has a nasty habit of trying very hard to push the last few items off the second page when left to the variables of how different systems display a .doc file. Obviously, having a .pdf version keeps all the info where it's supposed to be . however, if nobody is actually READING these (either on-screen or in a print-out), I guess it doesn't matter. Heck, from reading the above I'm wondering if the no more than two pages rule is still active . if it's a computer scanning my resume for keywords, I can spew out a 10-page EPIC of my professional life and stuff it to the gills with likely keywords. Eh . anyway . Of Change In Japanese And Tradition. you've convinced me to keep attaching the .doc version for fecl3, the time being! - B.T. Hey BTRIPP - I'm sorry to have made you start over on this! It may be a hassle, but it MIGHT Be your best option to switch to the word resume. KEEP both formats, but only send the Essay Responsible Owners, PDF to smaller companies. Good luck!

Excellent advice, Rich. First off, I completely, absolutely, 100 percent agree with everything you've written so don't take anything below as being at all contradictory but instead just additional to what you've written: 1. + Kscn. Erin's comment from a few minutes ago is one that we hear a lot. If she could only bye, lenin!, see what employers see when they're looking at their ATS then she'd understand. Most of the ATS software vendors seem to fecl3 + kscn think that formatting is for wimps and good lenin!, what recruiters really want is a page of fecl3 unformatted, straight text with no discernible columns, bullet points, numbering, etc. So all that nice formatting like putting your dates of employment in How to the Perfect, one column and your job title and description in another so employers can read at a glance where you've been and what you've done? Forget about it. It all mashes together. So any benefit that she or other job seekers perceive being there from a PDF versus a Word document quickly vanishes as soon as that PDF is sucked into a typical ATS.

2. In the 20 years since I founded this business, I've never talked with a recruiter who speaks highly of their ATS. Never. 3. I don't recall the + kscn, exact percentage but it is something like 60 percent of resumes in ATS are essentially invisible to was bill impeached the recruiters using their ATS. The percentage was given to me by the folks at Preptel, which have created a system which will convert the resume you post at a job board or other web site into a format that is compatible with each of the major ATS and fecl3 + kscn, then posts your resume for you. Incredibly, putting dates in one column and job titles and descriptions in J-Horror: of Change Essay, another -- like most resumes seem to be -- is fecl3 + kscn, one of the biggest problems for the ATS. These resumes often end up with all of the information from the first column (the dates) being lumped together in one paragraph and then all of the information from the second column (job titles and descriptions) appearing at the bottom of the resume so the richard text, recruiter has no easy way of determining which dates go with which jobs. Fecl3 + Kscn. These ATS have only been around for 15 years. You'd think they'd care more about the candidates and their clients. Choose. If they did, you'd never see a problem like this.

By the fecl3 + kscn, way, we'll be implementing a partnership with Preptel this fall so candidates who apply to jobs on our site will have their resumes properly posted to the employer's ATS. 4. If the employer's system allows you to Responsible do so, upload your resume as a PDF, Word document, AND a plain text document. Fecl3. Look long and hard at Choose the Perfect Dog Essay, that last one. If you can read it on your screen, then the + kscn, employer should be able to read it in How to Choose Dog Essay, their ATS. Plain text documents force you to trash all of those columns, bullets, etc. so what you end up with is a 1993-looking document that should be perfectly compatible with just about every ATS out there and that will greatly increase your chances of the employer being able to find you. 5. Fecl3. Employers using ATS find candidates who have applied to jobs not by reading through a stack of resumes like so many candidates think but instead by keyword searching.

An employer might receive hundreds or even thousands of resumes per day and many of them tell me that at least 90 percent are unqualified. Rather than wasting time reading through the J-Horror:, 90 percent, the + kscn, employers try to good bye, lenin! find the 10 percent by running keyword searches just like we all do when we go to fecl3 Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Was Bill Impeached. But just like those searches, you often end up missing what you're searching for because you didn't use the right keyword phrase or the page that has the information you want didn't include the keyword phrase that you used when you were searching for fecl3, it. So think about ii full text what keyword phrases the employer would use -- even if there's an idiot on their end -- and then use those same phrases in your resume. Fecl3 + Kscn. Keep up the How to Choose the Perfect, good work, Rich! What is the best thing to do if i have pdf resume? im not getting any response. Hey Steven - Anything you say I listen to.

Disagreeing with me or not. Not blowing smoke up your ass here, but I do tend to learn a thing or two from you when you speak (or type). I agree with you on your points. Specifically, ATS programs need to fecl3 get better. Good. I didn't like the one we had, but I'll tell you that when we didn't have it, things were worse. Fecl3 + Kscn. It didn't complete solve the problem, but it helped me reach more people. I was more efficient in my job, and as the only recruiter for An Expression of Change in Japanese Culture, my company, I felt more in control. Fecl3. In regards to #3, I think recruiters are constantly trying to text do their job better. Fecl3 + Kscn. In our field, what slows us down is what we usually think about.

If something slows us down, we are to blame. For that reason, the ATS is critical. When it fails (which does happen), it hurts us. I think that's why many don't like their ATS, or at least want something better. Great points in How to the Perfect, #4.

Regards to #5, completely forgot to mention keywords in the post. Excellent! I shouldn't have wrote it at 3am! If recruiters aren't trained on key word searching, then they are missing out. Fecl3. But if they don't know what key words to search, then they probably have larger issues.

Thanks again for the kind words and your thoughts! Seriously, WTF? It sounds like ATS systems are the and Tradition, dumbest thing on fecl3 the planet, HR people hate them, and stock, yet they keep using them because . . Fecl3 + Kscn. . why? Why hasn't sheer demand forced the companies that make these systems create something acceptable? And yet job seekers are still expected to richard ii full sift through endless conflicting sources of advice despite the fact that almost nothing they will do can give them a reasonable chance of not being rejected by an idiotic system? I suppose I am lucky that I am in an industry (architecture) where most firms are far too small to use such systems. At least if I am rejected, it's most often by a human being who has actually at least glanced at my resume, instead of a computer system that doesn't properly do the fecl3, job it was designed to do even half the How to Choose Dog Essay, time.

Sheesh. Hey there, Rich, I'm interested in hearing more about fecl3 Steve's #4 and your original point #3: If you send a PDF resume and broker qualifications, receive an fecl3 automatic response, it might be in stock qualifications, your best interest to apply again, this time with Word formatted resume. I've thought about applying multiple times with different formats, but hesitated on fecl3 + kscn the grounds that it would be redundant, annoying and perceived as unprofessional. You've changed my mind! I still have questions though: Steve's answer was limited to one application with multiple file formats, but it didn't exclude the multiple applications idea. What do you think of this idea, Steve? Also, Rich, your original point #3 is not be a popular alternative in the comments, and I'm not sure why, since it appears to solve the file format problem nicely and increase visibility in ii full, the ATS.

Could you expound on this more, and maybe take a stab at the reasons why someone might not use multiple applications? Also, do you have any resources about the various ATS systems in fecl3, use? Where and how can I find information about the capabilities of each system? I understand the the rules of the good bye, lenin!, job hunt are not determined by me. I must humbly conform to the needs of HR representatives, and + kscn, I do. That being said, I can still grumble grumble a little at this. As a mac user (like many others), I save my resumes as PDFs before submitting.

I can save as a Word doc, but I have had issues in the past with formatting not saving properly. I find it hard to imagine that these HR professionals aren't aware that they are missing out on impeached a number of candidates because of + kscn a PDF submission. Unless they are looking to filter out as many candidates as possible, why would they intentionally use a software that completely ignores a number of richard ii full candidates that may be the perfect fit for + kscn, a position? Is it just that they don't understand the software or does it make their job easier by cutting the number of candidates? Can't say I like it, but I understand your point and will take your advice to submit .doc's going forward. Hi Erin - thanks for your comment! Perfectly understand your grumbling, and you aren't alone. It's not something that I love about the An Expression of Change in Japanese Culture and Tradition Essay, system.

It's just how it is. But I'll say this. As a resume reviewer, I care LESS about the format, than I do about the fecl3, content. The purpose of the ATS is to organize your information once you're in the system. If your content is An Expression Culture and Tradition Essay, solid, I'll probably find you in there and review your information. If the fecl3 + kscn, format is messed up, I'll still consider you if the information is good. Format is less important than content and grammar. That's key to understand. But. if you do have the good bye,, PDF and it doesn't come through, then I'm not even able to fecl3 read your content. Why do people use it? A large company may receive 500 resumes per How to Choose the Perfect Dog Essay, day.

They simply can not open each one in an email. It would clog their email and they'd miss many people. It's not that recruiters don't understand the software, it's that the software doesn't understand PDF's. Fecl3 + Kscn. That needs to richard ii full text change, and I'm sure in the next couple years that will absolutely change. Thanks again for your thoughts! […] Medicare fee schedule in effect for fecl3, Calendar Years 2013 and 2014, or the fee schedule … Why your PDF resume might be killing you | Corn on the Job Aug 18, 2011 … This post explains why you should use a word format for your resume. … […]

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accepted usc essays University of Southern California. Enter to win $100 by uploading your essay! If you’ve ever played the game “Life”, you would assume adulthood is + kscn a lot like this: You leave for college in How to the Perfect your tiny car, select a job out of a deck of cards, find a spouse in the pile of fecl3, identical pink and of Change Culture blue figurines, buy a home that you can afford with the small amount of paper money you’ve earned during your short life-span, and start having kids that will ride along in the backseat of your plastic car on the long, windy road of Life. Although many people might agree that the path to adulthood is a direct progression of milestones like in the game “Life”, to me, adulthood is more subjective and the paths to reaching it vary. Fecl3. As a child, I received active attention from my parents and good lenin! grandparents. I was raised in a supportive and loving family who cared for + kscn me whole-heartedly, and my childhood experiences supported my belief that I was the center of the entire universe. Realistically, I think self-centeredness is natural for J-Horror: An Expression of Change Essay a child, an inevitable consequence of serving their immediate and fecl3 critical needs.

In addition, I think all children are subconsciously hard-wired to Essay on Honoring Responsible think in this way; the thoughts of others have to be translated and + kscn interpreted yet their own are understood automatically. For a child, their reality is the most important because they are experiencing the world through their own personal lens. Therefore, my childhood was shaped as if it were all about me. I have gained perspective since those days. I have learned that other people have more complicated and arduous lives than my own. I have learned that if I only think about myself, I will suffer every time I am greeted with an unpleasant situation. My transition to richard ii full adulthood has been marked with my choice to think differently, to + kscn rebel against An Expression in Japanese Culture Essay, my hard-wired selfish nature, and to train myself to value other people’s feelings, opinions and thoughts. In the middle of my junior year, my tennis team voted for our team’s “most valuable player”.

Our coach instructed us to vote for the person who had the most impact on our team. Of course, I voted for our star player whom had won the most matches and earned the most awards. Later in fecl3 + kscn the year, I discovered that I had been voted MVP. Good Lenin!. I was tenth on a team of fourteen and I had never contended with the athletic ability and + kscn skills of my teammates. Initially, I wondered why I was chosen; I had never been highly competitive besides occasional victories. But I had given someone my jacket on a cold day, and helped someone rack up weights, and offered to good bye, lenin! play doubles with someone who had no partner. I realized then that I could have a significant impact on other people without being the best player.

I discovered that the + kscn people on my team valued my friendship and the connections that I had made with them. I learned that it is worthwhile to reach out to people with kindness, even when there is nothing to gain. This accomplishment was significant in my transition to of Change in Japanese Essay adulthood because I chose to consider other people as individuals with their own feelings and desires. Fecl3 + Kscn. I changed my childlike perception of the world in was bill order to consider realities other than my own. In the end, I believe you need to be unselfish to fecl3 live as an adult. If you only think about yourself, the on Honoring Owners petty and monotonous aspects of + kscn, adult life will bar you from your own happiness. If you choose to consider other people’s realities and good bye, lenin! happiness, you will be less miserable when you are thrown into the frustrating parts of adulthood. You will learn, as I have, that life is not controlled by fecl3, your priorities and that taking time out of your day to perform simple acts of kindness will reward you.

Adulthood is learning how to think outside yourself. Read prior application essays for University of Southern California below. If you’ve ever played the game “Life”, you would assume adulthood is a lot like this: You leave for college in your tiny car, select a job out of was bill impeached, a deck of cards, find a spouse in the pile of identical pink and blue figurines, buy a home that you can afford with the small amount of paper money you’ve earned during your short life-span, and start having kids that will ride along in the backseat of your plastic car on the long, windy road of Life. Fecl3. Although many people might agree that the path to adulthood is a direct progression of milestones like in the game “Life”, to me, adulthood is more subjective and the paths to reaching it vary. As a child, I received active attention from my parents and grandparents. I was raised in a supportive and loving family who cared for good lenin! me whole-heartedly, and fecl3 my childhood experiences supported my belief that I was the center of the entire universe. Realistically, I think self-centeredness is natural for a child, an inevitable consequence of serving their immediate and critical needs. In addition, I think all children are subconsciously hard-wired to think in this way; the thoughts of others have to be translated and interpreted yet their own are understood automatically. For a child, their reality is the most important because they are experiencing the world through their own personal lens.

Therefore, my childhood was shaped as if it were all about J-Horror: of Change Culture me. I have gained perspective since those days. I have learned that other people have more complicated and arduous lives than my own. I have learned that if I only think about myself, I will suffer every time I am greeted with an unpleasant situation. My transition to adulthood has been marked with my choice to think differently, to rebel against my hard-wired selfish nature, and to train myself to fecl3 value other people’s feelings, opinions and thoughts. In the middle of my junior year, my tennis team voted for our team’s “most valuable player”. Our coach instructed us to vote for the person who had the most impact on our team. Qualifications. Of course, I voted for fecl3 + kscn our star player whom had won the Responsible Owners most matches and earned the fecl3 + kscn most awards. Later in the year, I discovered that I had been voted MVP.

I was tenth on a team of fourteen and ii full text I had never contended with the athletic ability and skills of my teammates. Initially, I wondered why I was chosen; I had never been highly competitive besides occasional victories. + Kscn. But I had given someone my jacket on a cold day, and helped someone rack up weights, and offered to play doubles with someone who had no partner. The Perfect Dog Essay. I realized then that I could have a significant impact on fecl3 other people without being the best player. I discovered that the was bill people on + kscn my team valued my friendship and the connections that I had made with them. I learned that it is worthwhile to reach out to people with kindness, even when there is nothing to gain. This accomplishment was significant in my transition to J-Horror: in Japanese Essay adulthood because I chose to consider other people as individuals with their own feelings and desires. I changed my childlike perception of the world in order to consider realities other than my own. In the fecl3 end, I believe you need to be unselfish to live as an adult. If you only think about impeached yourself, the fecl3 petty and monotonous aspects of adult life will bar you from your own happiness. If you choose to consider other people’s realities and happiness, you will be less miserable when you are thrown into the frustrating parts of J-Horror: Culture Essay, adulthood.

You will learn, as I have, that life is not controlled by your priorities and that taking time out of fecl3, your day to perform simple acts of kindness will reward you. Adulthood is stock qualifications learning how to fecl3 + kscn think outside yourself. UAFYQp oxuplpqlngoc, envgzmhxwidl, [link=]ipmbnkwcenvv[/link], I spoke with Ramah, who participated in the Egyptian Revolution. Simin shared what her life is ii full like in war-torn Afghanistan. And I became best of friends with Chrisradha, who lives in the center of Bangkok, Thailand. All of these people I befriended during one of the most important experiences contributing to my intellectual development, the Yale Young Global Scholars Program. YYGS included students from over forty-five different countries and packed in thirteen hours a day of politics, law, and fecl3 + kscn economics over two weeks. With students coming from countless backgrounds, I was able to hear many different perspectives on the world.

YYGS gave me an bye, entirely new outlook on life and it inspired me in many different ways. This appreciation and desire to immerse myself in an international setting is + kscn complemented by my strong background in the sciences and math, where I have excelled at How to Choose the Perfect Dog Essay the highest levels in fecl3 + kscn high school. I fully realize that an undergraduate degree in business must be paired with an area of technical expertise. How To Choose. I am willing and able to leverage opportunities to supplement that background even as I focus on the core business curriculum of the WBB program. In short, the international business environment needs technically minded people who have a desire to work across many cultures. My bicultural Mexican heritage and solid. understanding of the Spanish language has further fueled my desire to take on a program of this stature. On weekends, I work with autistic and special-needs children in fecl3 + kscn a program called Polo Buddies, teaching them the fundamentals of swim and water polo. I have played water polo recreationally and competitively for six years, and when the opportunity to Essay Owners coach these kids became available, I knew it would be something amazing and fecl3 + kscn that I wanted to be a Rookie Trainer. In this role, I create activities, exercises, and drills to was bill teach foundational skills, instill a love of team athletics, and build communication and social skills.

I do not merely view myself as a trainer to help them physically and mentally develop; rather, I also function as a friend to spend a Sunday afternoon with, an older sibling sharing one of my interests with my younger brothers and sisters, and a mentor to help guide the children I work with to a future in team sports and other collaborative settings. + Kscn. In my experience as a Rookie Trainer, my buddies have taught me just as much about creativity as I have taught them about was bill impeached teamwork. To help these children develop, offer them friendship, and be a role model for them while doing something we all enjoy has been as rewarding an fecl3 + kscn experience as any I have ever had. Two historic men, who happen to be my grandfathers, inspire me to pursue greatness. Through their perseverance, hard work, and stock noted achievements, they both epitomize the American Dream. Their accomplishments have shaped my vision of the purposeful life I have chosen to lead. I come from a family of + kscn, social and scientific pioneers, men who wrote and re-wrote history. For example, my maternal grandfather, Charles Bush, was an African American and An Expression Culture Native-American man who was a key figure in advancing racial integration in the United States.

His courage and work ethic helped prove to the world that African-Americans were just as capable as their white counterparts, if provided the opportunity. He was the first black page for the U.S. Supreme Court for Chief Justice Earl Warren after the Brown v. Board of Education decision in 1954 that mandated racial integration in schools. He then went on to be the first black graduate of the United States Air Force Academy in 1963 and had a distinguished career in fecl3 the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War. My paternal grandfather, Sam Sarem, is an immigrant who came to the United States at age 17, put himself through school, earned a PhD in chemical engineering and became recognized as a top petroleum engineer in the world. He holds 48 U.S. patents that are currently used worldwide, and through persistence and ingenuity, he accomplished the American dream. I have a burning passion to make my mark and their accomplishments are a motivation for me. Because of his experience in good racial integration, my grandfather Bush instilled in me the need for a strong work ethic and fecl3 leadership skills. I have carried on this legacy by Essay Responsible Owners, being a captain on the varsity football team, an Ambassador for Christ Corps, and a Gold Honor Roll recipient for fecl3 + kscn all six semesters I have attended Cathedral Catholic High School. I have been a role model for other minorities through my community involvement in National Honors Society, as a church camp leader, in Carlsbad Junior Lifeguards, and as a youth football coach. Impeached. I make it a point to consistently do my best to live up to fecl3 the example set by my grandfather Bush while also being an example to my younger brothers and my community, showing that minorities are capable of outstanding leadership and success.

My grandfather Sarem is text a hard working and creative man who is fecl3 + kscn not afraid to fail. The fact that he is willing to take chances and stock broker work hard is what guided him to worldwide success. His perseverance and zest for creativity has had an impact on my life. For example, when I was a sophomore I applied to be a Student Ambassador at my high school and + kscn have the opportunity to represent the school. In Japanese Culture And Tradition Essay. Initially, I was not selected so I applied again the fecl3 + kscn following year. This time around, I was accepted with wide approval. I was later recognized as the most requested Ambassador for student shadows during 2012-2013 year and my positive influence helped recruit more students to my high school.

I was proud to represent a diverse student body and exemplify the equal opportunity to impeached be a leader among my peers. Fecl3 + Kscn. Despite my previous setback, I persevered and eventually acquired the position. This experience taught me that perseverance is a key component in life. It is now my time to carry on my grandfathers’ legacies. During college, I look forward to an enriching campus experience and hope to represent my school on on Honoring Responsible the football team.

Whatever the fecl3 future may bring, I know that my goal to achieve, represent, and lead will not waiver. I look forward to future opportunities to broaden my intellect and world-view through learning with and ii full text from peers of similar academic levels and diverse backgrounds. My college education will be the base from which I can continue to + kscn carry the torch that my grandfathers have lit for me. In an environment like USC’s, I would not only be inspired to achieve, but I would be challenged to succeed. The world is advancing far rapidly than anyone could have predicted. As our technology develops, population increases, and demand escalates, we need to be prepared to supply the need for energy across the global spectrum. I dream of becoming a chemical engineer in the hopes of Dog Essay, entering the field of energy--a career that would allow me to exercise my curious mind and fecl3 + kscn selfless heart. At USC I would have ample opportunities to feed my growing ambition whilst having a strong, supportive community of fellow engineers to encourage me. I plan on entering the Responsible Mork Family Department of fecl3, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science so that I may further my knowledge of chemistry and its several applications. Organizations such as “Engineers Without Borders” and the “American Institute of Choose the Perfect Dog Essay, Chemical Engineers” would allow me to establish a foundation for chemical engineering as well as provide me with the fecl3 + kscn experience of working with other potential chemists. I hope to receive a Bachelor’s Degree, and eventually a Master’s, so that I may be able to extend my ideas to other engineers and philanthropists in was bill other countries.

With USC’s top alumni network and unprecedented student diversity, this would be all the more possible. My dream is to make the world a better place for everyone. Pursuing my passion at USC would allow me to turn my dreams into reality.

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Essays On Youth And Age Essays and Research Papers. Age and youth By William Shakespeare The poem age and youth , by William Shakespeare (born April . Fecl3 + Kscn. 26th 1564 ? died April 23rd 1616) is one of Culture his profound poems which was published in 1588. It is apart of a collection of numerous poems in The Passionate Pilgrim, ? Age and Youth being numeral XII. These various poems centre on the ideas of the early and late stages in life. Fecl3 + Kscn. More notably however his one sided perception on richard ii full the two topics. Youth is cast as being the more favourable and several. Ageism , Death , First Folio 877 Words | 3 Pages.

2 IVAN ARGUELLO PROFESSOR T. + Kscn. WARE English 1301 DATE @ MMMM D, Y NOVEMBER 4, 2014 Live Long Enough A beginning always has to have a finish and surely . does life. We all know that age considers; youth ventures. Was Bill. There's always a constant battle between the elderly and the youth . It's like a never ending battle with similarities, yet have differences of their own as well. Since the day we are born brought upon fecl3 + kscn this world changes start to happen. In between birth and death the body is the Owners, most. Ageing , Ageism , Death 608 Words | 3 Pages.

of Age Essay Evaluate the social constructs that have brought about similarities and differences between you and your . interviewees, drawing conclusions about the influence of power and authority, gender and technology, continuity and change. Fecl3. There are a variety of richard social constructs that have brought about similarities and differences between the attitudes of society today and various societies and cultures in the 1970’s/1980’s. Fecl3 + Kscn. Through a series of interviews with people who ‘came of good bye, age ’ in. Adolescence , Female , Gender 1654 Words | 5 Pages. Abstract Youth Violence has become a very wide spread epidemic, many people have different views on the cause which is fecl3 making these kids . become violent. Experts have done many studies on the effects of watching violent movies, TV, and playing violent video games have on our young children. The types of families these kids come from the Perfect Dog Essay, are different walks of life that affect the way kids act towards other people and themselves. Violent kids do so many different crimes that really affect people’s lives. Aggression , Crime , Media violence research 1277 Words | 4 Pages.

this 1st century young man in this Markan account is fecl3 + kscn that he wants to teach the young man what really is important in richard text, life. Having many objects as treasure . does not mean that it is something you have to fecl3 + kscn, have. The challenge to me and the rest of the youth as a student in was bill impeached, the 21st century is that the different kinds of objects are seen as something very valuable. Fecl3. The most valuable things in lenin!, life to treasure is your family and the love shared between each other. 2. + Kscn. Family • Shelter . Debt , Dignity , Ethics 1867 Words | 6 Pages. The Age of Innocence: Self, Society, Relationships, and was bill impeached Such Edith Wharton, in her novel The Age of Innocence, addresses the . relationships between self, others, and society in Old New York. In order to fully understand the purpose of this novel, one must contextualize these fictional relations to real-life conditions.

As Edith Wharton said herself, no novel worth anything can be anything but a novel ‘with a purpose,’ and if anyone who cared for the moral issue did not see in fecl3, my work that I care. Categorical imperative , Deontological ethics , Ethics 1274 Words | 4 Pages. America’s Youth Lisa Cook University of Phoenix COMM/215 April 22, 2008 I. Introduction With Youth . exposed to so much in society, struggles have merely been the biggest concern of youth today. Reclaiming children and youth from bye, lenin!, negativity we perceive to be normal have worked for some but not all. Youth are exposed too much in today’s world.

Gangs, suicide, adolescent sex, harmful video games, negative music; have been the biggest influence on youth today. Youth mentorship. 1918 , 1921 , 1925 1016 Words | 4 Pages. the Middle Ages have both short term and fecl3 long term effects. How have they influenced the on Honoring Owners, world of fecl3 today. Introduction: This . essay will consider the short and longer term impact of the pope, the monks and Christian ideas and beliefs on society during the Middle Ages as well as their impact on today’s world. Richard Ii Full. The essay will argue that the role of the pope, the monks and the Christian ideas have had a huge impact on fecl3 how society has developed. Was Bill Impeached. The three areas considered in this essay are linked. Bishop , Black Death , Byzantine Empire 963 Words | 2 Pages. Under Age Drinking And Today S Youth.

? Under Age Drinking and Today’s Youth Bryan Reid ENG 123 – IE, Summer 2014 Brandon Sweeney There are those out there . in today’s society who believe that today’s alcohol policy that is imposed on our youth here in America should be focused more so on the fact that alcohol consumption with the youth of fecl3 + kscn today is going to happen at some point eventually. Instead, we ought to richard, be trying to find ways to reduce the harm that our nation’s youth face from the use of fecl3 + kscn alcohol; rather than trying. Alcohol , Alcoholic beverage , Alcoholism 1116 Words | 6 Pages. Aggressions in the Youth of Essay Responsible Pakistan - Essay. Aggressions in the Youth of Pakistan FINAL DRAFT: The youth of today is the future of tomorrow.

Youth are the fecl3, . representative of energy, happiness and freshness. Was Bill. Life is the synonym for fecl3 + kscn, youth . They are innovative and always ready to face challenges. Shams ur Rehman said “ Youth is the time to How to Choose, join war, youth is the fecl3 + kscn, time to ii full text, fall in love” this quotation highlights the two very distinct faces of a coin. Young generation is always considered as a symbol of aptitude but even they have some imperfection. Martin Luther King, Jr. , Nation , Pakistan 1030 Words | 3 Pages. ?Cathy Bui Professor Nengo Anthropology March 10 2015 Age of Reason Essay In the book The Age Of Reason by fecl3 + kscn, Thomas . Stock Broker Qualifications. Paine is about the fecl3 + kscn, knowledge of inquiring religious establishments and the Perfect their own doctrines.

He wants the audience to think about the common gumptions that can be seen and describe as a substantiation of a god, for instance from Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. He calls for higher reasoning, a person who rejects the scriptures in the bibles that says we are pretending to use the words. Bible , Deism , God 1467 Words | 6 Pages. The Impact It can be easily said that big businesses have had a large impact on + kscn the economy and politics in the United States, especially during the . Gilded Age , also known as the “2nd Industrial Revolution”. Monopolies, corporations, and businesses began to grow dramatically. Richard Ii Full. These three branches grew so significantly that they were known as a major force in fecl3 + kscn, the United States. They had a great amount of power and had the ability to control much throughout the Choose Dog Essay, country.

However, as these businesses. Economics , Gilded Age , Political philosophy 951 Words | 3 Pages. Middle Ages Essay In the modern days, if someone was to fecl3 + kscn, sit down to watch a medieval movie, an ii full ordinary person would . Fecl3 + Kscn. immediately think of either war or battle between one city and another. But in reality, medieval consists of the corrupt world that the J-Horror: An Expression of Change and Tradition, people of this period had to go through, and the things they were restricted from because they were either a women or low class. In “The Prologue” of The Canterbury Tales, by Chaucer. + Kscn. This medieval time period shows aspects that consist of.

Gender , Gender role , Middle Ages 900 Words | 3 Pages. Age Discrimination About 200 employees of General Dynamics in Ohio and Pennsylvania sued their company after the company said in 1997 it . would discontinue retirement health benefits to union workers younger than 50. Stock Qualifications. Among them was Dennis Cline, a materials driver at the company's Land Systems tank plant in fecl3 + kscn, Lima, Ohio. The age discrimination case springs from a dispute between defense contractor General Dynamics and the United Auto Workers eliminated the company's provision of J-Horror: in Japanese and Tradition Essay health benefits. Age Discrimination in Employment Act , Clarence Thomas , Discrimination 915 Words | 3 Pages. Stereotypes about older people are a bound in our culture, but employers are not allowed to indulge in them when making workplace decisions. Manifestations . of + kscn age discrimination can be subtle or blatant. Typical actions might include refusing to hire or promote older workers, curtailing their employee benefits, limiting their training opportunities or limiting their job responsibilities and duties. Older workers may be targeted in reductions of the work force; they may be encouraged to retire. Exit.

Age Discrimination in on Honoring, Employment Act , Aging , Civil Rights Act of 1964 1452 Words | 4 Pages. Sociological theories of youth crime This essay will discuss the understanding of the sociological and psychological factors . of fecl3 + kscn youth crime. Owners. It will be agreeing and disagreeing in the above statement Youth crime is also known as juvenile delinquency, juvenile delinquency refers to criminal acts performed by juveniles. Most legal systems prescribe specific procedures for dealing with juveniles, such as juvenile detention centres. There are a multitude of different theories on the cause of. Conduct disorder , Crime , Criminal justice 1959 Words | 6 Pages. Age Discrimination in the Workplace Essay 2. Age Discrimination in + kscn, the Workplace Age discrimination in employment is a complex issue which impacts many areas of Government . J-Horror: An Expression Of Change Culture And Tradition Essay. policy and has many implications for fecl3 + kscn, individuals themselves. Age discrimination can occur across all spectrums of employment and can affect both young and An Expression of Change in Japanese Essay old. Age discrimination can affect a person’s chances of getting a job, and potentially their chances of promotion or development within the workplace.

Age can also be a factor when employers are deciding who should be. Age Discrimination in Employment Act , Ageism , Aging 1811 Words | 5 Pages. Age Discrimination in the Workplace - Essay. Age Discrimination in fecl3 + kscn, the Workplace The purpose of richard ii full text this paper is to review six professional articles to obtain the fecl3, professional . consensus on age discrimination in the workplace. Ageism and richard text age discrimination is alive and thriving in fecl3, today’s workplace.

Age discrimination continues to be a problem for both male and female workers over the age of 40 and more regulations should be implemented to protect workers rights in all age groups, both in the younger and on Honoring older generation. A recurring theme. Age Discrimination in Employment Act , Ageing , Ageism 1409 Words | 4 Pages. ?“Coming of + kscn age is a process, not an event” Coming of age is a procedure of growth and on Honoring Owners maturity seen within individuals; not an . event that is fecl3 + kscn celebrated. Several composers have the ability to express the notion of Coming of Age through creative writing literature and films. This is evident within the two texts; Raw written by J-Horror: in Japanese and Tradition, Scott Monk and The Breakfast Club directed by John Hughes. Both texts articulate ideas about decisions during Coming of Age define who you are, a group of people can help you. Concept , Ferris Bueller's Day Off , John Hughes 1191 Words | 3 Pages. Engaging Youth in Religion: Youth Ministers.

Youth Ministry “Train children in the right way and when old, they will not stray.” These are words which we often here from our . parents, grandparents and ministers, and most likely have memorized, since we were young. As youth and teenagers these words probably seemed easy enough for fecl3 + kscn, our parents and later for ourselves to fulfill; but the more mature we became, the more we realized what a gigantic task, “to train children in the right way” is. The Lord has entrusted to stock broker, us; whether we are. Ageism , Bible , Education 1645 Words | 5 Pages. The Journey of Youth: Comparative Essay. The Journey of Youth For most adults childhood evokes varying degrees of nostalgia as we reflect on our memories largely shaped by fecl3 + kscn, . experience, some positive others negative. While our stories are varied the sights and ii full scents that fill our youth can at a moments’ notice flood back when we detect a hauntingly familiar aroma. For Rohinton Mistry and Moses Milstein, the fecl3, sights, sounds and scents of their childhood provide tapestry kaleidoscope of stereotypes and social prejudices which influence their. Caste system in India , Discrimination , Judaism 992 Words | 3 Pages. Reaction Paper: “To the Filipino Youth ” and Today’s Youth “To the Filipino Youth ” by Dr. Jose P. Text. Rizal: The poem . “To the Filipino Youth ” by Dr.

Jose Rizal is a message primarily to tell the importance of one’s love and appreciation to his dialect or language, for it is the bridge and intermediary connecting people’s country to + kscn, each other. Ii Full. In the poem, Rizal praised the rising generation. This poem can be considered as Rizal’s first testimony and presentation of fecl3 his nationalism. In this literary. Andres Bonifacio , Jose Rizal , Katipunan 1600 Words | 4 Pages. Access the view that youth is J-Horror: An Expression in Japanese Culture Essay socially constructed. ?Access the fecl3, view that youth is socially constructed.

There are many different views on how youth is constructed. Biologists . believe that youth is created by biological changes that are occurring, as we get older. Text. They believe that our attitudes and behaviour changes due to biological reasons. Biologists say that teens are restless and unsure about their identity due to the hormonal changes in their bodies. However, sociologists believe that childhood is shaped by the culture and fecl3 + kscn the society. Childhood , Culture , Middle Ages 1002 Words | 3 Pages. History Essay Topic: Hitler Youth Movement – Discuss the nature and How to Dog Essay purpose of the Hitler Youth Movement. How did . it promote Nazi ideology? How effective was the Hitler Youth Movement as an institution promoting the Nazi ideology?

In 1933, after World War I and the Treaty of Versailles put Germany in a devastating position, Hitler and NSDAP took control of Germany. The Nazis led campaigns and fecl3 rallies to show their hatred towards the treaty and what they could do to help. Lenin!. The Nazis soon became very. Adolf Hitler , Aryan race , Fascism 1268 Words | 4 Pages. Max Mayer HIS 102 Prof. McGowen GTF Nick O’Neill Feb 25, 2013 Absolutism Most historians would argue that the + kscn, years 1660 to 1789 could be summarized . An Expression Of Change In Japanese Culture. as an Age of fecl3 + kscn Absolutism, the period from the Restoration in England and the personal rule of Louis XIV up to the beginning of the French Revolution. Our textbook defines absolutism as “a political arrangement in which one ruler possesses unrivaled power (Western Civilization pg 184).

Rulers received their power directly from God – theory of divine. Absolute monarchy , Absolutism , Divine right of good lenin! kings 1174 Words | 4 Pages. Youth empowerment is an fecl3 attitudinal, structural, and cultural process whereby young people gain the ability, authority, and J-Horror: An Expression Culture Essay agency to make . decisions and implement change in their own lives and the lives of other people, including youth and adults.[1] Youth empowerment is often addressed as a gateway to intergenerational equity, civic engagement and + kscn democracy building. In Japanese And Tradition Essay. Many local, state, provincial, regional, national, and international government agencies and nonprofit community-based organizations. Activism , Ageism , Decision making 1804 Words | 5 Pages. Argumentative Essay -Raise the fecl3, Driving License Age to How to Choose the Perfect, Eighteen. Writing an fecl3 Argumentative Essay Q. Statistics show that newly licensed teenage boys cause a higher number of serious automobile accidents . than any other group. Bye, Lenin!. It is evident that many young men are too reckless and impulsive to be good drivers.To protect the larger society, the age at which a boy can earn his license should be raised to eighteen. Raise the Driving License Age to Eighteen Throughout the history, people have always wanted what they can’t have. So is desire. Adolescence , Automobile , Car safety 1107 Words | 3 Pages.

------------------------------------------------- ANNA HAZARE Born | Kisan Hazare 15 June 1937 ( age 74) Bhingar, Bombay Province,British . India | Nationality | Indian | Other names | Kisan Baburao Hazare | Known for fecl3 + kscn, | Indian anti-corruption movement, Watershed development programmes,Right to was bill impeached, Information | Influenced by fecl3, | Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda | Political movement | Indian anti-corruption movement, Peace movement | Religion | Hinduism | Spouse | Never Married | Parents. Anna Hazare , India , Maharashtra 866 Words | 3 Pages. whether society stigmatizes youth . I plan to analyze the proposition that ‘society stigmatizes youth ’ and bye, lenin! also refute the . proposition with supported evidence, and conclude as to whether I believe society does stigmatize young people. Fecl3 + Kscn. Furthermore, I will provide a sustained, coherent argument of Choose the Perfect youth viewed negatively and positively. In addition, I will address how the mass media creates preconceptions of youth , which influence societies view of all young people and whether youth are or are not stigmatized. Ageism , Childhood , Crime 1986 Words | 6 Pages. The Age of + kscn Exploration was a period from the early 1400s and continuing into the early 1600s, during which European ships traveled around the . world to search for new trade routes to richard text, feed growing capitalism in Europe. The most commonly sought after new trade route was to the Spice Islands, which are now the Indonesian archipelago, in southern Asia.

Spices were originally brought to Western Europe by land routes, but because of a lack cargo space and + kscn extremely long travel times the prices were very. Atlantic Ocean , Australia , Ferdinand Magellan 1559 Words | 5 Pages. The causes and How to Choose consequences of youth unemployment in Australia has been of fecl3 particular concern within both government and private sectors for . many years. According to richard text, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), 10.9% of the total 15-24 age population was unemployed in September, 1995. This figure climbed to 15.3% in September, 2003.

This evidence gives cause to fecl3 + kscn, the growing concern surrounding the increase in youth unemployment. Choose Dog Essay. For sizeable numbers of youth , its not going to get any easier to fecl3, find. Beveridge curve , Crime , Criminology 2395 Words | 7 Pages. The Power of Youth in Creating “Corruption Free India” The essay is Choose Dog Essay a study of fecl3 role of stock broker youth to make . Fecl3. country a corruption free nation. It is an effort to give concrete view point on the power of the Choose the Perfect, integrated youth of nation who are future of the country and + kscn whose efforts are decisive for country’s progress. INTRODUCTION It is a no brainer that Corruption in India is at J-Horror: of Change in Japanese Culture and Tradition its rampant best. There is + kscn not one section of the stock broker qualifications, society that is spared from it.

Recent examples like CWG. Adolf Hitler , India , Indian National Congress 2369 Words | 7 Pages. Introduction ? Hopes Of Youth ? Role And Responsibilities Of Youth In Country’s Progress ? Youth In Pakistan: . Fecl3. Some Statistics ? Problems Faced By Youth In Pakistan • Frustration • Deteriorating Academic Standards • Unemployment • Poverty • Child Labour • Growing Use Of Narcotics • Suicide • Pressure Of A Rigid Family System • Dismal Role Of Media ? Suggestions ? Conclusion ESSAY Youth are the building blocks of How to Choose a nation. It is a fact that the more stronger the fecl3 + kscn, youth , the more developed. Childhood , Country , Education 1591 Words | 5 Pages. Video Games and the Youth of Today.

has exploded. Adults as well as youth play these games. A large part of the video game market is made up of broker qualifications violent video games in which the . Fecl3 + Kscn. player can commit terribly violent acts against others in the game. Many have begun to question the affect this kind virtual violence could have on the youth . There have been multiple studies done on this issue but many people are still divided on what to good bye, lenin!, think. Fecl3. Some people think that these violent games have no affect on the youth that play them. Others think. Aggression , Grand Theft Auto III , Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 1391 Words | 4 Pages. Marita Marshall 1/24/02 YOUTH VIOLENCE Violence in America's society is a major problem.

This problem can be traced back as far . as fetal development. Was Bill. Is not rocket science to + kscn, realize that most angry violent acts are due to J-Horror: An Expression in Japanese and Tradition Essay, a disturbed child or individual that lacked attention, love or care. Violence is fecl3 not a new problem and scientists are just finding out new facts about of Change in Japanese Culture Essay how it starts and how it can be prevented. Violence is a social problem that increases over the years. Aggression , Domestic violence , Media violence research 1433 Words | 5 Pages. Lopez ENG 68 Mushik 2/27/13 The Minimum Legal Drinking Age Underage drinking has been become a large issue in the recent decades, . becoming a rising issues mainly among young college students. This debate of either lowering the drinking age or keeping it as it is has caught great attention, especially with academic superiors. In 2008, 100 college presidents called for a debate about bringing down the drinking age . In Shari Roan’s essay , “Tempest in a Bottle,” agreed that “[their] experience. Alcohol abuse , Alcoholism , Amethyst Initiative 1883 Words | 5 Pages.

The purpose of fecl3 this essay is to good lenin!, critically evaluate both the welfare principals and punitive principals that are paramount to the . youth justice system, firstly by fecl3, looking at what is text meant by welfare approaches and how they have been used in adapting the Children’s Hearing System that is fecl3 used in Scotland today when dealing with young offenders. Then looking at punitive approaches, how they are also used in dealing with young offenders and how they appear to stock broker, be re-emerging back into the system in the. Childhood , Corrections , Crime 2231 Words | 7 Pages. ?Advertising to Youth Consumerism Mark Abram’s book “The Teenage Consumer,” was the + kscn, first influential sociological study of . youth culture. Abrams was a market researcher and his book was an empirical survey of a new consumer group that had emerged in the 1950’s. This new consumer group was commonly referred as ‘ youth culture,’ which was associated with working class males. Abrams suggested that youth culture developed in richard ii full text, the 50’s as a result of the wealth of the decade.

Abrams focused his research. Advertising , Childhood , Consumer protection 1582 Words | 4 Pages. Home gt; Factbook gt; Countries gt; India Population | 1,205,073,612 (July 2012 est.) | Age structure | 0-14 years: 29.3% (male . 187,386,162/female 165,345,284) 15-24 years: 18.2% (male 116,019,042/female 103,660,359) 25-54 years: 40.2% (male 249,017,538/female 235,042,251) 55-64 years: 6.8% (male 41,035,270/female 40,449,880) 65 years and over: 5.6% (male 31,892,823/female 35,225,003) (2012 est.) | Median age | total: 26.5 years male: 25.9 years female: 27.2 years (2012 est.) | Population. Demographic economics , Demography , India 668 Words | 3 Pages. broadcasts, documentaries, and other programming have the fecl3, youth of America beginning to watch more television. One of the more controversial . topics being discussed today is violence on broker television and the effect it has on youths . Many parents argue that the violence that their children are being exposed to is harmful because if they see their idols doing it on television, than it must be acceptable for them to do in real life. This essay will outline the problems with television violence and its.

Aggression , Childhood , Media violence research 2424 Words | 6 Pages. I012 Fall 12 23 December 2012 Challenging the United States Minimum Legal Drinking Age 1) What is your purpose in writing this . essay ? In your response, explore the deeper meaning of this question. The goal is not just to fecl3 + kscn, complete the assignment but instead to convey a message. What do you plan to accomplish with this essay ? What do you hope the reader takes away from this argument? The purpose of this essay is to richard ii full text, present a point of view and discuss that point of view from the fecl3, opposition, and. Alcohol law , Alcoholism , Amethyst Initiative 1630 Words | 4 Pages. English 110 15 November 2012 Youth Violence in America: Risk Factors and impeached Stages of Prevention As long as governments exist, there will . always be crime for fecl3, them to combat. A portion of this crime is, and will continue to good bye,, be, organized crime. Fecl3 + Kscn. The United States is constantly working to Essay on Honoring, protect its citizens from transnational criminal alliances, but the fecl3, streets of this nation are still being crippled by domestic organizations.

The 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment declares, “Gangs are expanding. Crime , Criminology , Gang 2071 Words | 6 Pages. Coming of Age Essay: Esperanza Rising. 50___ Well organized body paragraphs that fully develop thesis and qualifications are rich with well-integrated quotes 20___ 5-vocab words from this unit are properly . used. Words are highlighted in bold. 10___ Properly formatted works cited page Coming of Age Essay Final Draft Most kids seem to think that going to school and getting an education is boring and even a waste of fecl3 time but that was not the case for these two girls. Francie Nolan and Esperanza Cordero are two very different characters that. Education , Esperanza , Higher education 1880 Words | 5 Pages. strategies used by criminal agencies to control youth crime. An estimate number of 10 to 17 yr olds in UK in 1999 was 2704392 males and . 2561681 females. These young people represent of the was bill, general population and are also often the + kscn, group who elicit the most concern and discussion within local communities and An Expression of Change in Japanese Culture Essay the media.

There is a big interest in the consistent crimes in this age group, resulted in a lot of fecl3 + kscn research being made. Therefore this essay will be establishing research done by various criminal. Constable , Crime , Crime prevention 1822 Words | 5 Pages. ?Introduction This essay will critically examine the strengths and weaknesses of the theory that young people offend because of Essay on Honoring Responsible their . + Kscn. upbringing. The term ‘upbringing’ means the An Expression of Change in Japanese, care and teaching received by fecl3 + kscn, the child from the parent throughout their childhood. There has been extensive research and controversial debate into richard ii full text, upbringing being the root cause of youth crime and this essay will examine evidence to fecl3, support this claim and stock qualifications evidence to + kscn, dispute it.

Although it is quite subjective as to. Abuse , Childhood , Crime 1932 Words | 5 Pages. ESSAY HITLER YOUTH RELIGION AND WOMEN IN NAZI GERMANY. on the period in which the Nazis ruled are the Youth , the German women and stock broker qualifications the Churches. Each responded differently to the ideas and policies . of the fecl3 + kscn, Nazis. The indoctrination of young people was an important factor in the Nazi regime.

Hitler saw that implementing the Nazi Party’s ideology in the children of Germany was a key part in How to Dog Essay, ensuring the validity of the ‘thousand year Reich’. Adolf Hitler, leader of the fecl3, Nazi Party shared his view of the youth when he stated “ In my great educative work, I. Adolf Hitler , Fascism , Hitler Youth 2367 Words | 7 Pages. Breaking the Cycle of Youth Violence. ENG 1001 Argumentation-Persuasion Essay Crimes committed by youthful offenders in our nation have gone from How to Choose, a troubling statistic that . would have been barely noticed even 25 years ago to a problem of pandemic proportions. The responsibility for this falls on every citizen and we must all bite the bullet and agree to properly fund programs that can help to prevent crime, properly rehabilitate prisoners, and save the youth of our nation at the same time. + Kscn. Youth gangs have existed in various forms.

Conduct disorder , Crime , Crime prevention 1514 Words | 4 Pages. ? Essay 2 1 Casual Analysis Argument About The Media Jeremiah Barwick ENGL 101 Prof. Hartless June 16, 2014 . Essay 2 2 Abstract Joe Camel exemplifies my position that advertising cartoons in adult ads have a negative effect on American youth . The tobacco industry markets to children. Stock. The American Medical Association, Federal Trade Commission, and President Clinton agree. Keywords: Camel, Joe Camel, tobacco, desensitizing Essay 2 3 Causal Analysis. Advertising , American Medical Association , Chewing tobacco 1019 Words | 7 Pages. Youth Unemployment in South Arica. the labour market (National Treasury, 2011). Of the people included in the exclusion from the labour market, the focus in this essay lies . Fecl3 + Kscn. with youth unemployment in South Africa. South Africa defines youth as people between the was bill impeached, ages of 15 and 34 years old while the International Labour Organisation (ILO) defines youth in a more restricted manner as people between the ages of 15 and 24 years. Using South Africa’s definition, in December 2010, about + kscn 3 million young people were unemployed and Essay on Honoring 1.3 were.

Economic growth , Economics , Employment 2196 Words | 6 Pages. Argumentative essay on legal driving age. legal age to fecl3, drive. How To Choose Dog Essay. In the United States, most states legal age limits are set somewhere between 15 to 17 yrs old, each state . having there own licensing process often with some type of probationary period before teens can obtain a full license. Recently law makers in Florida, Georgia, Delaware, Illinois, and Massachusetts have debated raising the legal driving age . Many of + kscn them agreeing that it will make roads safer for everyone. These law makers want to see a change in the legal driving age because. Chauffeur , Driver's education , Driver's license 791 Words | 4 Pages. Domestic Violence and Youth Homelessness. people don’t have a say, and are forced into homelessness?

In this essay , evidence with support that homelessness is broker not usually a conscious . choice. Homelessness can be defined as relative or absolute. Relative meaning those who live in spaces that do not meet basic health and safety standards and fecl3 absolute homelessness meaning people living on the streets with no physical shelter. Homelessness affects individuals of J-Horror: of Change in Japanese Culture and Tradition all ages , genders, and ethnicities. An estimated 150,000 to 300,000 people. Domestic violence , Drug addiction , Homeless shelter 1305 Words | 5 Pages.

Youth Gangs Push and Pull Factors. Youth Gangs Push and Pull Factors Arjun Sharma SOC101Y Friday, November 23, 2012 Ms. Fecl3. Fulton Youth Gangs Push and Pull . factors in America What influences youth to ii full, join and leave gangs in America? This essay strives to seek and inquire an answer or explanation to this question. I will try to approach the answer to this question by analyzing the biggest factors of it such as the fecl3 + kscn, influence of was bill social institutions, psychological behaviour, media and + kscn many more to determine the good lenin!, push and pull. Crime , Criminology , Gang 1883 Words | 5 Pages.

Argumentive Essay on Age Differences in Relationships. sticks out among many folks out in the world today. + Kscn. Does age have a bearing on whether or not to enter a relationship? Some feel that you will . eventually fall in love with someone half your age but the thing is how can you tell? And is that a deciding factor in getting in a relationship? Many are opposed to this as they feel the gap could cause a great deal of was bill issues within the relationship itself. Fecl3 + Kscn. There are many different opinions about qualifications whether age factors play a huge role in fecl3, a relationship. Some people. Age disparity in was bill impeached, sexual relationships , Interpersonal relationship , Love 1881 Words | 5 Pages.

transition through either home or school. Unfortunately, there are some teens today that do not fully develop these two tasks before deciding to leave home. . These teens are the teens that we see out on American streets today. Leaving home at an early age can be devastating to the teenager, the cities they live in, and our society, in fecl3 + kscn, general. Teens are often victimized and exploited fairly easily while they are out on their own. Due to was bill impeached, this, crime rates skyrocket in cities with a large homeless teenage. Adolescence , Education , Educational psychology 1192 Words | 4 Pages. YOUTH TODAY Tradition vs Modernity We are used to thinking of traditions as something old and stable, whereas the creative forces of fecl3 + kscn . people are directed towards the making of “new” forms of art and music.

Nevertheless in our view, and according to our experience, new forms should not be sought in a cultural vacuum, without any connection to the past experiences of people and societies. Similarly, the “old” musics should not be approached with the An Expression of Change in Japanese Culture, attitude of preserving or mimicking other people’s. Ageing , Ageism , Death 789 Words | 3 Pages. Cord Anderson Argumentative Essay Lowering Drinking Age In the fecl3 + kscn, United States government, there are many politicians . that have to make difficult decisions that affect its citizens in their everyday lives. One frequently asked question by ii full text, the people in America today is why does the government believe 21 is the proper age to legally allow drinking of alcoholic beverages. Over 200 countries in the world do not have a legal drinking age . Many say if you are tall enough to stand at fecl3 a bar. Alcohol abuse , Alcohol law , Alcoholic beverage 1427 Words | 4 Pages. Research Writing 006 October 13th, 2011 Research Essay 1 Technology, over of Change in Japanese Culture the past twenty years in America, has been making leaps and . + Kscn. bounds in advancements and it never seems to impeached, slow down in the least bit. But could these advancements have gone too far? There is an epidemic going around with the American youth , a problem that soon might be too late to change.

The average American youth today has an extremely different way of life as to youths twenty years ago. Back then there were no cell phones. American Idol , Ellen DeGeneres , Video game 1230 Words | 3 Pages. Argument Essay Changing Drinking Age to 18. Manny Talavera English ARGUMENT ESSAY When you are eighteen years old you have multiple responsibilities. Everyone who is eighteen . is seen as a responsible, mature young adult. If eighteen year olds are portrayed as responsible and mature adults then why can’t they buy or consume alcohol? The alcoholic drinking age should be lowered to age eighteen because at that age you are responsible, mature, and it will help send the right message. Fecl3. Society states that eighteen year olds can not. Adolescence , Alcoholic beverage , Alcoholism 816 Words | 3 Pages.

Youth Welfare and Juvenile Justice. This essay will present the richard ii full, youth welfare in + kscn, Australia and the programs for the young people and juvenile justice system which is . based on three broad models. Then, the link between youth welfare and juvenile justice system and also the stock, effectiveness of relationship between two systems will be mentioned. In addition, the role of fecl3 + kscn social worker in juvenile justice systems will be followed. There is a scope of youth welfare across Australia’s states and Territories .Regardless of good growing debate among. Childhood , Children , Conduct disorder 2329 Words | 7 Pages. Should Parents be blamed or Youth Violence. ACADEMIC ESSAY Should Parents be blamed or Youth . Violence Youth violence is one of the escalating problems facing our society nowadays (Yonus n.d). What is + kscn youth violence? Based on Natalie (2002), youth violence is An Expression of Change Culture Essay necessity to oversee youth violence relative incidence, analyses behavior over fecl3 time, measuring the range of youth violence in good, different legal power. Fecl3. Youth violence is qualifications regarding the young person, for example.

Adolescence , Childhood , Media violence research 842 Words | 3 Pages.

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essay on + kscn technopoly On this page, you will find extensive passages from Postman's recent book, Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology . I have chosen these excerpts because they provide the context for ideas and quotations to which my essay, E-literacies: Politexts, Hypertexts, and Other Cultural Formations in the Late Age of Print, refers. Thus, I attempt to bye,, allow Professor Postman to speak for himself, to represent his own views in his own way. Some of the links in the text will take you to the bibliography while others will take you to some portion of my essay. Postman, Neil. Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology , New York, Vintage Books, pp. 22-48.

I find it necessary, for the purpose of clarifying our present situation and indicating what dangers lie ahead, to create still another taxonomy. Cultures may be classed into three types: tool-using cultures, technocracies, and technopolies. At the present time, each type may be found somewhere on the planet, although the first is rapidly disappearing: we must travel to exotic places to fecl3 + kscn, find a too-using culture. If we do, it is well to richard ii full, go armed with the knowledge that, until the seventeenth century, all cultures were tool-users. There was, of fecl3 course, considerable variation from one culture to ii full, another in the tools that were available. Some had only spears and cooking utensils.

Some had water mills and coal- and horsepower. But the main characteristic of all tool-using cultures is that their tools were largely invented to do two things: to solve specific and urgent problems of physical life, such as in the use of + kscn waterpower, windmills, and the heavy-wheeled plow; or to serve the symbolic world of art, politics, myth, ritual, and religion, as in the construction of Essay on Honoring Responsible Owners castles and cathedrals and the development of the mechanical clock. In either case, tools did not attack (or , more precisely, were not intended to attack) the dignity and integrity of the culture into which they were introduced. With some exceptions, tools did not prevent people from believing in their traditions, in their God, in + kscn, their politics, in their methods of education, or in the legitimacy of their social organization. [A]fter one acknowledges that no taxonomy ever neatly fits the richard ii full, realities of a situation, and fecl3 + kscn, that in particular the definition of a tool-using culture lacks precision, it is still both possible and useful to distinguish a tool-using culture from a technocracy. In a technocracy, tools play a central role in good bye, lenin!, the thought-world of the culture. Everything must give way, in some degree, to their development. The social and symbolic worlds become increasingly subject to fecl3, the requirements of that development. Tools are not integrated into the culture; they attack the culture.

The bid to become the culture. Essay Responsible Owners? As a consequence, tradition, social mores, myth, politics, ritual, and religion have to + kscn, fight for their lives. And so two opposing world-views -- the technological and the traditional -- coexisted in uneasy tension. The technological was the stronger, of course, but the traditional was there -- still functional, still exerting influence, still too much alive to ignore. This is what we find documented not only in Mark Twain but in the poetry of Walt Whitman, the bye, lenin!, speeches of Abraham Lincoln, the fecl3, prose of Thoreau, the philosophy of Emerson, the text, novels of Hawthorne and fecl3 + kscn, Melville, and, most vividly of all, in Alexis de Tocqueville's monumental Democracy in America . In a word, two distinct thought-worlds were rubbing against each other in nineteenth-century America. With the rise of Technopoly, one of Essay those thought-worlds disappears. Technopoly eliminates alternatives to itself in precisely the way Aldous Huxley outlined in Brave New World . It does not make them illegal.

It does not make them immoral. It does not even make them unpopular. It makes them invisible and therefore irrelevant. And it does so by redefining what we mean by religion, by fecl3 + kscn art, by family, by politics, by history, by bye, truth, by privacy, by fecl3 intelligence, so that our definitions fit its new requirements. Technopoly, in other words, is totalitarian technocracy. Postman, Neil. Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology , New York, Vintage Books, pp. 71-72. Technopoly is How to Choose Dog Essay a state of culture.

It is also a state of mind. It consists in the deificaiton of technology, which means that the culture seeks its authorization in technology, finds its satisfactions in technology, and takes its orders from technology. This requires the development of a new kind of fecl3 social order, and of necessity leads to the rapid dissolution of much that is associated with traditional beliefs. Those who feel most comfortable in Technopoly are those who are convinced that technical progress is humanity's superhuman achievement and was bill, the instrument by which our most profound dilemmas may be solved. They also believe that information is an unmixed blessing, which through its continued and uncontrolled production and dissemination offers increased freedom, creativity, and peace of mind. The fact that information does none of these things -- but quite the opposite fecl3 -- seems to change few opinions, for unwavering beliefs are an text, inevitable product of the structure of Technopoly. In particular, Technopoly flourishes when the defenses against information break down.

The relationship between information and the mechanisms for its control is fairly simple to describe: Technology increases the available supply of information. As the supply is fecl3 increased, control mechanisms are strained. Additional control mechanisms are needed to cope with new information. When additional control mechanisms are themselves technical, they in turn further increase the supply of information. Stock Broker? When the supply of information is no longer controllable, a general breakdown in psychic tranquillity and + kscn, social purpose occurs. Without defenses, people have no way of was bill finding meaning in their experiences, lose their capacity to fecl3, remember, and have difficulty imagining reasonable futures. One way of defining Technopoly, then, is to say it is what happens to society when the defenses against broker qualifications, information glut have broken down.

It is what happens when institutional life becomes inadequate to cope with too much information. It is what happens when a culture, overcome by information generated by fecl3 technology, tries to employ technology itself as a means of providing clear direction and How to, humane purpose. The effort is mostly doomed to failure. Though it is sometimes possible to use a disease as a cure for itself, this occurs only when we are fully aware of the processes by fecl3 + kscn which disease is normally held in check. On Honoring Owners? My purpose here is to describe the fecl3, defenses that in lenin!, principle are available and to suggest how they have become dysfunctional. Postman, Neil. Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology , New York, Vintage Books, pp. 118-20. Because of what computers commonly do, they place an inordinate emphasis on the technical processes of communications and offer very little in the way of substance. Fecl3? With the exception of the electric light, there never has been a technology that better exemplifies Marshall McLuhan's aphorism The medium is the message.

The computer is almost all process. There are, for example, no great computerers, as there are great writers, painters, or musicians. [I can't resist interjecting here: there are no great pencilers or brushers either. What is this guy thinking?] There are great programs and great programmers, but their greatness lies in their ingenuity either in simulating a human function or in creating new possibilities of calculation, speed, and volume. Of course, if J. David Bolter is right, it is possible that in the future computers will emerge as a new kind of book, expanding and enriching the tradition of writing technologies. Since printing created new forms of literature when it replaced the handwritten manuscript, it is possible that electronic writing will do the on Honoring Responsible, same. But for the moment, computer technology functions more as a new mode of fecl3 transportation than a as new means of substantive communication. It moves information -- lots of it, fast, and mostly in calculating mode. The computer, in fact, makes possible the fulfillment of Descartes' dream of the mathematization of the world. Computers make it easy to convert facts into was bill statistics and to translate problems into equations.

And whereas this can be useful (as when the process reveals a pattern that would otherwise go unnoticed), it is + kscn diversionary and dangerous when applied indiscriminately to human affairs. So is the computer's emphasis on speed and especially its capacity to generate and store unprecedented quantities of information. In specialized contexts, the value of calculation, speed, and voluminous information may go uncontested. J-Horror: In Japanese Essay? But the message of computer technology is comprehensive and domineering. The computer argues, to put it baldly, that the most serious problems confronting us at both personal and professional levels require technical solutions through fast access to + kscn, information otherwise unavailable. I would argue that this is, on the face of it, nonsense. Our most serious problems are not technical, nor do they arise from inadequate information. If a nuclear catastrophe occurs, it shall not be because of inadequate information. Where people are dying of starvation, it does not occur because of inadequate information. If families break up, children are mistreated, crime terrorizes a city, education is impotent, it does not happen because of inadequate information.

Mathematical equations, instantaneous communication, and vast quantities of information have nothing whatever to do with any of these problems. And the computer is useless in How to Choose Dog Essay, addressing them. Postman, Neil. Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology , New York, Vintage Books, pp. 16-19. We can imagine that Thamus would also have pointed out to Gutenberg, as he did to Theuth, that the fecl3 + kscn, new invention would create a vast population of readers who will receive a quantity of stock information without proper instruction. [who will be filled] will the conceit of wisdom instead of real wisdom; that reading, in other words, will compete with older forms of learning. Fecl3? This is yet another principle of technological change we may infer from the judgment of good Thamus: new technologies compete with old ones -- for time, for attention, for money, for fecl3, prestige, but mostly for Choose the Perfect Dog Essay, dominance of their world-view. Fecl3? This competition is implicit once we acknowledge that the medium contains an Essay Responsible, ideological bias.

And it is a fierce competition, as only ideological competitions can be. It is not merely a matter of tool against tool -- the alphabet attacking ideographic writing, the printing press attacking the illuminated manuscript, the photograph attacking the fecl3, art of bye, painting, television attacking the printed word. When media make war against each other, it is a case of world-views in fecl3 + kscn, collision. In the United States, we can see such collisions everywhere -- in politics, in religion, in commerce -- but we see them most clearly in the schools, where two great technologies confront each other in uncompromising aspect for the control of students' minds. On the one hand, there is the world of the printed word with its emphasis on logic, sequence, history, exposition, objectivity, detachment, and discipline. On the other there is the world of television with its emphasis on imagery, narrative, presentness, simultaneity, intimacy, immediate gratification, and quick emotional response. Children come to school having been deeply conditioned by the biases of television. There, they encounter the world of the bye, lenin!, printed word. A sort of fecl3 + kscn psychic battle takes place, and there are many casualties -- children who can't learn to read or won't, children who cannot organize their thought into logical structure even in a simple paragraph, children who cannot attend to lectures or oral explanations for more than a few minutes at stock a time. They are failures, but not because they are stupid.

They are failures because there is a media war going on, and + kscn, they are on the wrong side -- at least for the moment. Who knows what schools will be like twenty-five years from now? Or fifty? In time, the type of student who is currently a failure may be considered a success. An Expression Of Change And Tradition Essay? They type who is now successful may be regarded as a handicapped learner -- slow to respond, far too detached, lacking in emotion, inadequate in creating mental pictures of reality.

Consider: what Thamus called the conceit of wisdom -- the fecl3 + kscn, unreal knowledge acquired through the bye, lenin!, written word -- eventually became the pre-eminent form of fecl3 knowledge valued by the schools. Text? There is + kscn no reason to suppose that such a form of knowledge must always remain so highly valued. To take another example: In introducing the was bill, personal computer to the classroom, we shall be breaking a four-hundred year-old truce between the fecl3 + kscn, gregariousness and openness fostered by orality and the introspection and isolation fostered by the printed word. Orality stresses group learning, cooperation, and a sense of social responsibility. Print stresses individualized learning, competition, and personal autonomy. Over four centuries, teachers, while emphasizing print, have allowed orality its place in the classroom, and have therefore achieved a kind of pedagogical peace between these two forms of learning, so that what is valuable in each can be maximized.

Now comes the computer, carrying anew the banner of text private learning and individual problem-solving. Will the widespread use of computers in the classroom defeat once and for fecl3 + kscn, all the claims of communal speech? Will the computer raise egocentrism to the status of a virtue? These are the kinds of questions that technological change brings to mind when one grasps . that technological competition ignites total war, which means it is not possible to contain the was bill, effects of a new technology to a limited sphere of human activity. What we need to consider about the computer has nothing to do with its efficiency as a teaching tool.

We need to know in what ways it is altering our conception of learning, and how, in conjunction with television, it undermines the fecl3, old idea of school.